Anthem Launch Day – Quick Impressions


  • Logged in at 10:01 AM EST without issue
  • Only one graphical gameplay bug (Forge, Javelin screen)
  • No lags/bugs/disconnects
  • Lots of people to play with
  • Missions are coherent, varied, and fun
  • Backstory cut-scenes exciting. Helps set the stage.
  • Got to meet the big bad guy early on. Good introduction, way stronger than you, something to build towards to beat later.
  • Loot is fun already! (For example, I had two loot pieces with LMG inscriptions. one for +9% damage, one for +3% damage. I did not have a LMG. However, I was able to craft one. Nice damage bonus
  • There have been some fun and impactful inscription bonuses already that has had me change my playstyle. I feel like on the climb to 30 you will always switch along the way with new loot (as the levels climb fast) which is a good experience


  • Lack of response options disappointing in dialogue. You either are “doing it because its my job” or “doing it because its my home” style responses. Paragon, Renegade, or Neutral options is a miss. A big miss. (Responses feel pointless so far).
  • Loot is overwhelmingly difficult to get a feel for. Rarely I say too many options are good, but here if you didn’t play demo weekend you are likely to be a bit lost. A little spoon-feeding through early levels would have been good. I am only comfortable with it because of my prior 30 hours in game
  • Levels are very, very fast. Level 8 in a couple hours of play.
  • At HARD level, things die too quick in a group. Might be scaled a bit on the easy side to start. This and the prior point might be to appease new generation of gamers.
  • I leave Sunday morning for a week, and I know the entire world will be level 30 and in Legendaries by the time I get back.
  • Lack of desire to blog, there is a game to play

I’ll add to this and update as I go….

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