Upgrading A Laptop: An Adventure in Tech (And Disappointment)

Picture this: a dimly lit room, a person (let’s call them Alex), and a decade-old Microsoft Surface Book 2. It’s like a scene from a B-movie where the hero realizes they might need to let go of their old, trusty sidekick. The laptop’s been good, but recently, it’s been giving off those “It’s not you, it’s me” vibes. And we all know how that ends. Modern day programs just don’t run at the same jam as 2014. The small crack in the screen is now a big crack in the screen. Baldur’s Gate 3 only runs in the lowest settings possible – and barely runs at that.

Size Matters. No, Seriously.

Now, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from tight superhero suits and compact cars, it’s that size (and flexibility) indeed matters. “Alex” needs a laptop that’s nimble enough for business meetings but also ready to jump into the gaming action. The Surface Book 2 was like that best friend who’s great at parties but also down for Netflix binges. I could game on it 10 years ago “good enough”. It’s handy on flights with it’s option to disconnect the screen in tablet mode. Did I say “I”? I meant Alex. (ok, you caught me. It’s me.)

The New Kid on the Block N Sync: Microsoft Studio Laptop 2

So, being a MS fanboy I was excitedly waiting for the announcement about the Microsoft Studio Laptop 2, which happened yesterday. I quickly went to “build your model” and with Pen, it came to $3900. Now yes, that’s a big hit. And in the past I wrote it off through my business (and this time I had to pay for it directly). But, it was time. It’s a slick unit.

Or is it? Wait, that’s the USA site… on the Canadian Site its $5000+. I don’t know why the delta between $4000 and $5000 feels more like $10,000 than $1000, but that delta made me step back and rethink it. If it promises a solid decade of companionship, maybe it’s worth considering? What else is out there..

So Many Choices, Too Much Time

But wait, the tech world’s a big playground. Brands like Razer and ASUS are winking from the sidelines. I had a Razer Blade 14 before my Surface Book 2. I hear Asus has a beauty 14″ ROG unit now. With offerings that are sleek, powerful, and more affordable, I probably need to rethink this. But the specs just aren’t even close.. and will this one last me another 10 years too?

The Final Countdown

Tech’s a wild, unpredictable journey. No doubt newer versions of the competition will be out soon, at the same but less than ridiculous (but still ridiculous) prices. And whatever I do buy I need to accept it is already out of date. Here are the links to the three I am choosing between. Help me pick my poison!

Surface Laptop Studio 2 w prices

Razer Blade 14 w prices

Asus ROG Zephyrus 14

There you have it. Three contenders, each with its own flair, like the final contestants in a reality show. The sleek and ever-dependable Microsoft’s offering, the fierce and fiery Razer, and the dark horse ASUS with its ROG reputation. Until then, I’ll be here, paralyzed by indecision and probably re-watching my favorite B-movies for inspiration.

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  1. I have a gaming laptop and by far the biggest deal is the video card and a 144hz screen. Everything else can be upgraded (ram and ssd). The cpu rarely matters today.

    Find the best card and you’ll be set for a very long time.

  2. I don’t buy laptops to do double duty as gaming machines, so I’m typically more free to indulge in my fanboyism for the Surface line as well — but Asmiroth is definitely right. If you’re looking for longevity out of what you buy here, graphics card is going to be the primary consideration.

    Which out of these three options definitely creates a lean toward the ASUS ROG. The additional RAM (and potentially storage) of the Surface line in the higher end specs might be hard to go past as well though depending on what else you might wanna do. And a 4060 would still grant access to frame-gen (DLSS 3.5).

    I do wish they would go up to at least a 4070, but hey.

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