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I know. Six months too late. I had “designed” a bunch of comics about the cut classes, how they were told, what they did in between, and even how they were brought back in (if they ever were again.)  I know I have  no artistic talent whatsoever as well and have been patiently waiting for the geniuses out there to hurry up and make a Warhammer Model Viewer program to dress up Ed and the gang and put them into comic form. I can hustle my way around photoshop but I can barely draw a stick figure. So, after looking at my old sketches about the lives of the characters I was going to create for fun, I figured I would go the route of pretending the no artistic talent IS the artistic talent angle. And pray the WAR model viewer comes out before I do another hackjob.

On a side note I have never done a comic before (I know, you are very surprised) so just messing around with fonts and chat bubbles was fun in it’s own. It is a lot more difficult of a process than one would imagine. At first, I didn’t have the “engineer” explanation in the final frame, just “nice try”. Wasn’t sure how clear that would be for the average person. I figured I already insulted every comic artist out there at this point so why not insult the intelligence of the reader too? That made sense to me.

As for the name of this comic which may need clarification for the “ha-ha” the dwarfs name is Ed. He is a Hammerer (my chosen pre-release class), and his class was “hammered” out of the game “Hammerer-ed” See the duplicity?. Get it? Ooooh boy, that’s funny! I did have a lot of fun making it (almost as much fun as I had self-depricating) and I promise you I will do the remaining 3 cut classes as well (in the same style). The only way you can stop me is if you create a WAR model viewer – then it will look a lot more pretty, at least. No promises on funny.

Here is the Black Guard one.


Also to be a bit clearer, these were the ‘mockups’ from which I was going to do the ‘good’ ones so I didn’t lose my ideas. At the rate things are going the classes will be back in before I get to where I wanted to, hence the premature release! I’ll throw up the other two in the next couple of days. I know you can’t wait. For the record I mispelt the name on purpose.


What really surprised me when KOTBS pictures were released the number of people who complained they were “fruity” looking because of the feathers. I think they look badass, myself. Regardless, I took a play on that complaint with both the personality of reggie and Mark’s reasons for cutting the class.



While some people have talking like a Warhammer Orc down to an art form, in a three panel mostly text comic I didn’t want to have the reader spending more time trying to figure out what the hell he was saying than what the comic was about. I think I found a good balance of obvious spelling errors and the like to get the right feel. Originally I had all 4 characters starting off with a song to give them a tad more personality (which is hard enough to convey in 3 panels) but cut it out from the Black Guard and Hammerer a while ago. Hope they gave you a chuckle and I promise to find a better format to lay them out in. The odd conundrum I have now, is that if a model viewer were available today I don’t think I would recreate them. In the end I like the basic-ness of it all and think it works to get the point(less) points accross.

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  1. *snerk*
    Fun stuff! I’m a fan of Fargo’s Flintlocke comics, and I think that a WAR riff would be great fun.

    Strangely enough, the lack of a background works for these classes… waiting in the aether… cut down before their prime.

    But yeah, I’m not really sold on the plumes. The comic? Good stuff. The plumes? To me, that’s just asking for a Chaos headshot, and I’d play Order. It’s sort of like the chainmail bikini of doom; the woman is flashing her… assets, and it’s just asking for an arrow to the heart. But I digress…

  2. @Tesh: Funny you say that. I was going to polish them all up and try to make them fancier considering how basic they are – and then I realized I liked the simplicity of it all, the no background, etc. – somehow it just works “unpolished”. For the record I am still looking forward to a Model Viewer program to bring the characters more to life.

    @Pidge: Choppa is next (of course) and it is “done” except for a couple changes I wanted to add. I made small mention of it but I already had the “return” comics done in rough sketches as well – if the Hammerer doesn’t make it back in you just gave me a great idea on how to change his “return” comic – thanks! =)

  3. For the record as well I did want to keep these separate from the main ‘blog’ part and was hoping by creating a new ‘page’ it would be similar to my other front page – which obviously isn’t happening. Will see if I can figure that out so I dont have to create a full second blog (but don’t want to have to keep adding to the same ‘thread’ as well)

  4. Aye, I’ve been pondering how to make multiple pages behave for my blog. I’ve settled on making a second blog, but it just doesn’t seem like an optimal solution. *shrug*

  5. It wasnt bad but I would say that the humor didnt really pop for me? I guess I prefer more irony in my humor. I would probably have made the choppa intelligent and sophisticated yet have everyone view him as just the opposite because of the way he looks

    Do people even know who Fred Astaire and Freddy Mercury are anymore?

  6. @VB: Pfft. You ask for more irony and sophistication in the humour and then dis’ the popularity of the Freds!? Actually that is the perfect example of why they were kept so simple.

    In the Hammerer one at first I didn’t even have the engineer explanation in – but then realized that probably a large portion of the click through readers wouldn’t “get” it. So I simplified.

    But yeah, this is basic stuff which is limited as much by being three panels as it is my own creativity =)

  7. @Tesh: Funny you mention that. At first I had the world spelled correctly, “Apple”, and I stared at it for a long time and didn’t like the way it looked – although I couldn’t put my finger on it.

    So I messed with it, Aple, appwel, then finally, when I typed Appel I did smile too. So that was that. Funny how something so small can make the biggest difference!

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