Embarrassment of Riches

I turn 50 this year. Already my neural synapses are starting to suck as I have a hard time remembering some of the most basic things – such as, some specific words I am looking for, or, a specific name of an acquaintance that I should know (but can’t instantly recall), and of course the : “didn’t I make a post like this before?”. Google and the site search didn’t turn up the positive answer I was expecting. I don’t write here often anymore so I can only imagine how often that happens to Bhagpuss or TAGN. Anyhoo:

I was certain that at one time in my blogging and gaming life there was a time where there were more great games to play then time to play them. And I feel like I am in that space currently. (Not the space I should be in, ‘Starfield’, but that is mostly the point.)

In between work & travel, plus the cottage – all three external spaces are impacted by my current lack of a laptop that can play games reliably. I am still using a Surface Book 2 (from 2014) which does everything I need (except game) that severely limits when I am playing.

We’re not just spoiled for choice; we’re overwhelmed by it. The sheer volume of high-quality games available at our fingertips is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s fantastic to have so many options, it’s also daunting to find the time to play them all. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, but the store is the size of a hockey rink, and you only have five minutes before it closes.

Take, for instance, Diablo 4 Season 1. While many considered it a bit of a dud in terms of content and innovation, I still found myself dedicating hours to it. The allure of the Diablo franchise is hard to resist, even when it’s not at its peak. I find the grind in Diablo was “ok” up into level 70 but it became such a slog I had to put it down. I’ll pick it up again for sure for season 2 to see if it gets any better. But while I was grinding away in the dungeons of Diablo, other games were vying for my attention.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a prime example. The game boasts an intricate and captivating storyline that pulls you in from the get-go (IE: Lots of romance options!). However, the extensive inventory management system can be a significant time sink (especially for the “collect, sort and sell everything” type. While some players relish the opportunity to meticulously organize and optimize their inventory (Ahem: Bhagpuss), others, like myself, find it detracts from the main storyline but also can’t help being a pack rat. It’s a classic case of getting bogged down in the details. Self imposed, and I’m not even out of Act 1 yet.

And then there’s Deep Rock Galactic, a staple of mine and another new season. The game continues to evolve, offering fresh content and challenges that make it hard to put down backed by the best co-op community in the gaming world. I’m falling behind on it and afraid this will be the first time I didn’t complete the full, free, battlepass.

Of course, I can’t forget the weekly Fortnite sessions with my white-collar friends. It’s become a ritual, a way to unwind and catch up while indulging in some lighthearted competition. The game’s ever-changing landscape and continuous updates make it a staple in my gaming diet. The last season’s battlepass was the first time I didn’t complete it (it’s free if you take the Vbucks in the pass).

And amidst all this, I haven’t even had the chance to think about Starfield. The buzz around it is hard to ignore, and I’m sure it’s fantastic, but where does one find the time? On what planet? (ba-dum ching.)

Again, and as always, first world problems.

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  1. Heh. I posted a bit of an inventory tale just before I came here and read this! I was just starting to think I might finally have had enough of organizing my inventory – GW2 certainly did its best to spoil my fun there – but I had a good time doing it in Dawnlands today.

    I remember inventory being a nightmare in the original BG, though. I ended up stashing loads of stuff in barrels and then not being able to remember where they were. And speaking of memory, trust me, it only gets worse!

    1. It’s completely my RPG OCD. I can’t NOT search everything and pickup everything (and then reallocate due to encumbrance) and then spend 40 minutes at a vendor going through every character and selling all the spoons, rocks, femurs, (etc) for 1gp each. It’s an addiction!

  2. The glut of VIABLE choice is a bane for me as well. Not like we’re talking about 60 types of toothpaste, but more like a buffet of the best chicken wings ever made.

    Grats on getting older! That much closer to free bus rides and pharmacy discounts!

  3. I’m still stuck in act 2 of BG3, haven’t bought Starfield yet (will wait until I am done BG3) and by then Mines of Moria!. Great problems to have.

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