Dead Space is Free

In what looks like an effort to increase Origin downloads/logins, EA is giving away Dead Space and it’s either out of the goodness of their hearts or just an incentive to give up your soul to the Origin platform.

I never played Dead Space and it received a lot of accolades so I am doing it. Free is a good price. I have a love/hate relationship with EA (43 posts tagged EA) and while many of my favorite games have come from EA, the way they run their company and the way they treat their employees makes it near impossible to support them. Heck, I even hate the way they blog.

But I do support free. For now. If I start getting EA only ads once Origin is in I will change my mind.

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  1. Dead Space was an AMAZING game. It’s basically Resident Evil/Silent Hill in space. Was pretty intense. The Sequel was fun as well, but it went more action than survival horror. I didn’t play the third game but I also heard that it was pretty fun, since they added a co-op playthrough mode. That means it probably plays much like Resident Evil 5 & 6, both of which I thought were excellent despite not being what some fans wanted.

  2. It’s been a LOT of fun so far. Great atmosphere and backdrop for the setting. I do have one big beef with it that is taking away from the experience, but I am actually making a post about it so won’t spoil it here =)

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