How Not to Blog

Sorry, Peter Moore, your “blog” is a pretty big embarrassment.

I was surfing EA sites to find anyplace to complain that they stopped their major sports title development for the PC. Yes, I have complained about it a couple times already. I really want to play some football.

1) Most of the comments on that blog post I redirected you to is spam. I mean, Askimet is free. It blocks hundreds to my site a week. Even if your blogging software doesn’t have a spam checker, hire someone for minimum wage to keep an eye on it.

2) The posts that aren’t spam, are your customers who seem infuriated that you suggested the game you are blogging about is a big hit – their impression is complete trash. While that may not be the case you should probably address their issues.

There is no excuse for that level of an executive to not keep the blog clean. If you don’t want to manage it, turn off commenting. If you want it to be a place where you can connect and engage your customers, do so. If you want to start selling Gucci, Coach, and Ed Hardy knockoffs just leave it as is.

There is so much lazy and so much wrong with it. I am embarrassed for Mr. Moore and the EA brand. And I already don’t support your products anymore. (25 days and counting!)

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