I Has Comics (Fully Updated with 4th)

I always wanted to do an internet comic. Only two things held me back.

  1. Artistic Talent
  2. Sense of Humour

I know, those sound big, but really, this is the internet where anybody can almost fake anything.

I was waiting for a WAR model viewer to be done similiar to the WoW one to cover the ‘Artistic Talent’ issue. I sketched out my first 12 comics, which dealt with the cut classes, and waiting for the tech to make this hobby dream of mine a reality. With the announcement that the cut classes are coming back in (which I do have comics planned for as well) I don’t have time to do it the way I wanted, so I am releasing them – “as is”.

To see the first two and read about how much I make fun of myself for doing them, click here.

  • Hammerer Up
  • Black Guard Up
  • KOTBS Up
  • Choppa Up!

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