Zombie Game : [insert verb or adjective here] Dead [insert verb or adjective here], etc.

Dead Island launched this week – a supposed cross between Fallout 3 and L4D. I haven’t purchased it yet (waiting for the sale) but very curious how this turns out.

When I started doing research on the game, I came accross this video:

Dead Island Trailer

Couple of initial thoughts on that.

1) Dead child (albeit Zombie child – although that isn’t really clear until watching the video) – kind of risky. At the same time, it really illicited emotions from me that game trailers typically don’t. The combination of the reverse frame sequence, soft music, and visuals was very effective of portraying the struggle and loss of life. Very impressive that way.

Still effective in the reverse of the reversed version:

Reverse of the Reverse Trailer

2) Being a big fan of the often mindless (did I say ‘often’ – meant ‘always!’) zombie genre, the video gave me hope that the game itself could be a well placed adult oriented adventure of survival and horror to really sharpen up the genre. See: Dead [Rising], [Left 4] Dead,

Initial reviews explain the trailer to be misleading in that regard, and the game is plagued with a few notable hiccups (my pet peeve from those reports: searchable items (luggage, garbage bins) that respawn after time, making ‘limited resources’ actually unlimited).

I’ll probably end up getting it at some point, will wait for a patch and some more reviews. Anyone have personal experience with this title?


PS – Bonus – the family in the video is actually in the game, so you can find their fate. (*spoilers on the video link*)

Family from Dead Island Trailer


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  1. From what I can tell of the reviews, despite the real game apparently bearing little resemblance to the emotion-invoking Trailer, I like the sound of Dead Island, except for using money as a resource to upgrade weapons on an island overrun by zombies. I discuss that a little more on my Blog.

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