Lambs to The Slaughter

After reading the comments of SWTOR’s latest QA from Friday, I noticed a couple of things:

  • Seems to be a lot of MMO rookies following this closely
  • There will be major disappointment for those rookies

Some random ones, amid the rabid fanboyism:

Can you imagine a small smuggler ship entering in Coruscant atmosphere with two passengers(you and your companion) hidden in secret compartments?

and republic soldiers (another plays) searching for illegal stuffs in that ship?

Sorry, Poster 345. You can’t imagine it. The Quest designer can though, and rest assured with that cool move, you and 4 million other characters will get to experience it!

This game is being build at such a grand scale… something i’ve never seen before. The dev teams deserve a monthly fee. Just look at their work O_o
You can just stand in AWE, gazing upon it’s greatness.

I too hope you can jump from the highest skyscraper and just dive for a couple of minutes.

Sure, if it’s scripted!

I’m pretty sure the heroic flashpoints will be different than we’ve seen in other games. Instead of like in WoW where they’re the regular dungeons that are repeated, but are more difficult. In ToR, I see it being entire brand new flashpoints with end-game in mind. By this I mean that they will still focus on story, but in a different way, so that they are repeatable and don’t feel like you’re playing the same story over and over

Not commenting.

I don’t get why they don’t let any faction visit any planet. I would understand barring the starter planets cause of the PvP servers, but places like corusaunt. They keep saying they want to make it like in the movies and books, well darth zannah went to corusant to the jedi temple itself and she was not the only sith to ever visit the place. Bunch of bounty hunters go to the repulic capital also to find work

So the content is fresh when you decide to try a different side. I mean, why could players go to any planet they want? That’s what rails are for!

I’m a bit disappointed that their are multiple servers… I like the entire “One Server” where your name can be heard and known by all, and your choices effect the game as a whole, not just your server… By the way, I’ve been wondering, to what extend is this “Your choices make a difference in the game” go to? Do your choices only effect immediate characters, like the captain, or do you capture worlds, defeat leaders, etc that die once, and EVERYONE’s story is different…? I don’t doubt it’ll be a great game either way, but it would be cool if one player’s choices could effect another on the other side of the galaxy…

Dare to dream, random poster, dare to dream. World impact is left for single player games.

Now, I used to be guilty of the same hopes and dreams when new games were announced and discussed. Most gamers have an active imagination, which is handy to have when playing in fantasy worlds. Just skimming the contents there are going to be a lot of disappointed people. I do think TOR will be successful, but really – take WoW, skin it as star wars, add in voice overs, and that is the crux of what you are going to get. The core gameplay will still be on rails, repeatable content.

Still may be awesome, but the fantastical quotes made me sign in nostalgia.

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  1. “Dare to dream, random poster, dare to dream. World impact is left for single player games.”

    *sigh* How I long for the day when player actions actually have a lasting and meaningful impact in the world. Eve Online is about the only MMO that comes close…

  2. Yeah. Kind of the point of my post, although it was done very loosely. Seeing the things players want that they post, and knowing they aren’t even going to get close to that is sad panda territory. I still think STO may be fun in a WoW kind of way (ie: the best you are going to get AAA at the moment), and I suppose it is just those posters time to have their proverbial ‘disappointed at MMO’ cherries popped.

  3. Im reminded of every time a friend of mine watches me play any mmo. It always leads to ” oh cool can you go there?” “uh, no you can’t actually go in there”, “oh, well can you do this ?”, “no, you can’t do that either.”, “this game sucks”, “sigh…”

    When this happens it always makes me realize that despite how advanced some things in game mechanics gotten we still have so much further to go.

    On a side note it seems to me that most of the shortcomings of mmos in the eyes of non mmo gamers come from the lack of being able to interact with every aspect of the environment.

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