Avoiding Disasters

Including Cataclysm.

A part of me was actually hoping I would have interest to buy the expansion, and based off the generaly quietness of blognation I may be in the minority. Although, the things the bloggers have turned out seem to be a lot of ‘content is almost done, when is the next expansion’ fun little remarks.

Quoting our good friend Syp here, when talking about a game that has all the things our MMO’s don’t:

One Chance made me think a lot about the choices we make in MMOs, and how few of them are (a) permanent, (b) impactful, and (c) meaningful

Will change ‘few’ to ‘none’ (in game decisions, anyway. I suppose our choice of guild can contain all three).

I’ve been only playing Project Reality. It’s pure awesome.

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  1. Part of me wants to get Cataclysm, just to play as a Worgen Druid, but it’s $40 for the box, and another $60+ for a 6-month Sub, and I currently don’t have a PC to play it on, and I’ve been playing Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles again (maybe I’ll finish it this time) and there’s other Wii games I’ve never “beaten”, like Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Zelda: Twilight Princess, etc. so I don’t see Cataclysm happening any time in my near future. If at all.

  2. I’ve yet to buy it as well, and I have an active subscription (and not so active characters). Thing is I just finished building my new i7 machine, and there are more important games to play. (The Ottoman Empire won’t conquer itself in Total war)

    P.S. I couldn’t find my old BF2 cds for Project Reality. Looks like Steam is gonna get more of my money. They’re good at that.

  3. Minecraft is still eating up my free time. It helps that I play it with my daughter.

    Maybe when she’s older I’ll dig out my Crystal Chronicles. I do love that game… and I think I’ll keep her away from shooters for a while.

  4. @Cap’n: If I ever returned and wanted to actually play the new races, I’d just pay the $25 and get my capped characters the new skins. Really they are just reskins with some fancy class benefits. But yeah, other games are just taking up my limited gaming time as is.

    @Liam: I can send them to you if you like, or FTP them. Although I think they are only $10 on steam.

    @Tesh: My 5 year old really loves Minecraft as well, and that’s a game we can play together with little worry. He keeps asking me to build swimming pools, and I think that’s a big fat (expensive) hint =)

    For the first time with WoW I really don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. Maybe I am cured. =)

  5. I though I was cured too. Hadn’t played much at all for the last year or two. Cataclysm brought me back though. I am honestly having more fun now in WoW than I ever did before.

  6. I may do the trial when it comes out, but I just don’t have interest in starter zones from a playing point of view. End game interest, sure, maybe a little, but I’m still WoW’d out of WoW currently =)

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