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I am part of a WoW guild. I have spoken briefly about it in the past in a few topics, but nothing major (you know, the one I used to be GM of, yadda yadda). It’s going through a change right now, and the people that founded the guild are mostly gone. It was a great guild and will be interesting to see as a “casual” player what happens with it. They are working on their 4th GM right now. I have a Guild post lined up for the future. This is of lighter fare.

I still read the boards, and Clawdia/Orvie updated a thread that was/is kinda cool. It’s in private guild forums so I can’t link it.

Since the guild was formed at the beggining of Burning Crusade, we have had 12 kids born into guild members. Hell, that’s a solid 10 person raid group (with rotations, even). It’s a fun thought – a group of adult gamers grouped by an in game tag sharing parenting tips for newborns (after they read the Yogg-Saron strats, mind you)

Puts things into a fun perspective when gaming and real life collide.

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  1. I’m all for guilds comprised of good parents. Not only will the shared interests and priorities make for better gaming, but raising a new generation to game responsibly has great appeal.

    It’s not unlike the (smallish) movement in the game industry itself that has game-industry-employed parents talking with each other and promoting the notion that responsible adults (those most likely to have children and priorities outside of Cheetos and eighty hour workweek binges) are healthy for the industry. 🙂

  2. On the flip side, the guild has been able to avoid most major dramas – since it is often married or long term couples (and mostly adults) that part didn’t seep into the guild feel except on occasion. No major dating/love dramas to worry about.

    It has been hard seeing the change lately – I came back and gosh.. since then 15 or so long term members have quit. It isn’t to blame current guild leadership or membership, but LK changed WoW considerably (much how BC changed it) and guilds have to change along with the game to survive. Much what Pope alludes to in his Idea post.

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