Introducing (the) Pope

A friend of mine is going to start adding a post or two, here or there on this site. The thought came by in a discussion – he reads a lot of gaming blogs and wouldn’t mind sharing his thoughts. I thought it would be fun to give him an outlet.

I have known Pope for many years – back when I was a GM he was the RM. It was a fun relationship – often the ‘struggle’ of the needs of the RM and GM were on different wavelengths with what the guild needed. Took a lot of communication and compromise, but in the end we struck a dynamic balance of a hardcore raiding environment in a casual friendly guild. We hit most of our goals, and tackled most of the the things we had to. It’s funny how fast you can respect and rely on people you have never met.

We didn’t talk about what he was going to write about, or his writing style. Whatever it may be, I welcome him into the blog-gaming sphere and looking forward to reading his stuff.

I hope you do do.

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  1. Wait, RM? I’m missing something. That acronym means something entirely non-game related to my mind, and the juxtaposition with a Pope is rather interesting. (But not bad, certainly.)

    Welcome aboard, Pope!

  2. RM = Raid Master. Those were some challenging days, for sure.

    Thanks for the intro, Chris. I’m still working out my post, but hopefully will have something to post today or tomorrow.

  3. @Syp – dammit – now I can’t correct that typo with your epic comment-response. =)

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