Bing Vs. Google

Bing Search: I has PC

1.       Lack of consistency on offence, defence has PC’s Welsh in bind..

2.       Dell’s All-in-One PC Has the Guds, Design to Compete with iMac…

3.       I HAS PC

4.       Property: HAS PC member –

5.       Motorola’s Renew has PC Magazine’s GreenTech Seal of Approval..

Google Search: I has PC

1.       I HAS PC

2.       Property: Has PC member –

3.       Renaissance chambara | Ged Carroll – Samsung Windows Mobile has PC..

4.       Motoroal’s Renew has PC Magazine’s GreenTech Seal of Approval..

5.       Kotaku – The Chronicles of Riddick On PC Has a Rediculous Install..

Google is still the champ, for obvious reasons.

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  1. Searching for Magnificent Vista (my blog):
    Google: First result.
    Bing: Not found. At least, not within the first five pages of results.

  2. I have played around with Bing a bit tonight, and the only real noticeable difference (on the outset) is the name. I remember doing straight up MSN searches last week, and searched for the same things in bing, with the same results.

    Of course, those aren’t any official tests of any sort of proper methodology, but just initial impressions.

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