Yay Spam?

Oh, the joys of Askimet.

After the break, I’ll show you my latest and greatest last 10 spam messages which were caught by the automatic filter. I “de-linked” them but kept everything else in tact (yes, there are some URLs in there – plenty, actually) so if SPAM makes you sick, or you do not have the capability to NOT copy and paste a link after the break, don’t go after the break.

I don’t fully understand spam. I just don’t understand how anyone would be even remotely interested in clicking links, especially when they are framed in the context as they are. I am sure there is some other point to it all – and even by posting them maybe I committed the ultimate evil. Anyway, if you dare, go read what our spam-friends are putting out there – albeit a very small sample – after the cut.

EDIT – i did mess up the URL stuff just in case listing them as is will help them on search engines, etc.

  •  yuhcndu | srqnpm@tuqfvw.com | kfmdadadatncrsvnnn.com | IP: fvuipztchwgc, [url=http://mlxxxxxxlgz.com/]mluufuwfglgz[/url], [link=http://mkvxxxxxxom/]mkvqxxxxxxgwy[/link],http://womxxxxxayh.com/
  •  mainge | mikemail343@gmail.com | bad-adadauto-loanadadas.blogspot.com | IP:
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  •  DDBruce | ddbrucetrttt@gmail.com | IP:[URL=http://xxxx.xxyyxx.net – [IMG - http://img125.xxyyxx.xxxx/thumb/502504427.jpeg/IMG – [/URL – [URL=http://xxxx.xxyyxx.net – [IMG - http://img130.xxxx.com/thumb/406454711.jpeg/IMG – [/URL – [URL=http://xxxx.xxyyxx.net – [IMG -http://img128.xxxx.com/thumb/1377398523.jpeg/IMG – [/URL – [URL=http://xxxx.xxyyxx.net – [IMG -http://img125.xxxx.com/thumb/1069831725.jpeg/IMG – [/URL –
    [URL=http://c91407c1.xxxx.net – [IMG - http://img127.xxxx.com/thumb/785526663.jpeg/IMG – [/URL – [URL=http://xxxx.zxxo.net – [IMG - http://img123.xxxx.com/thumb/2056678020.jpeg/IMG – [/URL – [URL=http://xxxx.zxxo.net – [IMG -http://img124.picfoco.com/thumb/1780367049.jpeg/IMG – [/URL – [URL=http://02a8141b.xxxx.net – [IMG -http://img127.xxxx.com/thumb/2068324237.jpeg/IMG – [/URL –
    [URL=http://09b9232d.xxxx.net – [IMG - http://img123.xxxx.com/thumb/514499764.jpeg/IMG – [/URL – [URL=http://080ead27.zxxo.net – [IMG - http://img128.picfoco.com/thumb/934666506.jpeg/IMG – [/URL – [URL=http://98c0774c.zxxo.net – [IMG -http://img123.xxxx.com/thumb/1427170933.jpeg/IMG – [/URL – [URL=http://7fb43739.xxxx.net – [IMG -http://img123.xxxx.com/thumb/1823625645.jpeg/IMG – [/URL –
    [URL=http://c9002883.xxxx.net – [IMG - http://img130.xxxx.com/thumb/1053540522.jpeg/IMG – [/URL - 

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  •  DDBruce | ddbrucetrtt@gmail.com | IP: http://img119.xxxx.com/thumb/1557047632.jpeghttp://img125.xxyyxx.com/thumb/23205342.jpeg http://img120.hotxxyyxxlinkimage.com/thumb/675237769.jpeghttp://img121.xxxx.com/thumb/294489491.jpeg http://img122.xxxx.com/thumb/436691590.jpeghttp://img124.hotlinkxxyyxximage.com/thumb/1430605773.jpeg http://img119.hoxxyyxxtlinkimage.com/thumb/799892883.jpeg

    http://img124.xxxx.com/thumb/329993849.jpeg http://img120.xxxx.com/thumb/1945531528.jpeghttp://img123.hotlixxyyxxnkimage.com/thumb/1087577883.jpeg http://img120.hotlinkixxyyxxmage.com/thumb/1008184495.jpegxxyyxx

    http://img120.xxxx.com/thumb/653462708.jpeg http://img121.xxxx.com/thumb/1353311857.jpeghttp://img119.hotlxxyyxxinkimage.com/thumb/1404311284.jpeg http://img118.hotlinxxyyxxkimage.com/thumb/1683622196.jpeg

    http://img121.xxxx.com/thumb/1337952772.jpeg http://img121.hotxxyyxxlinkimage.com/thumb/1519009463.jpeghttp://img122.hotlinkimage.com/thumb/298034560.jpeg http://img122.hotxxyyxxlinkimage.com/thumb/284465006.jpeg

    http://img124.xxxx.com/thumb/1029195474.jpeg http://img118.xxyyxx.com/thumb/601614140.jpeghttp://img121.hotlinkixxyyxxmage.com/thumb/1626748331.jpeg http://img118.hotlixxyyxxnkimage.com/thumb/1356282085.jpeg

    http://img119.xxxx.com/thumb/289285889.jpeg http://img124.xxyyxx.com/thumb/1639428882.jpeg

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  1. I keep getting spam with guys making some dumb comment like “this is good blog, I come back”, so no overt spam links in the comment itself… but their registration address is a spam site.


  2. At least that spam is almost real english. I have no clue what the point is – do people actually click the links? Whoa! Wait! Cheap airline travel from an illiterate? That must be a good deal!

    Or is it based on link seeding for search engines? I wish I knew more about this. I have no clue how they get any sort of value from it.


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