I’m Not DEAD yet!

Or putting myself in WRIP, quite yet. Although I probably should.

I started taking online courses in my spare time, instead of writing, and working from home has been a drag. I have been hot and cold with gaming but work has extra responsibilities with this Pandemic, and when I get a spare hour I have been doing Python programming and/or some Linear algebra.

My company has all this data sitting around, so I started taking courses on Machine Learning, Data Science, and the like to see if I can put any of that data to good use.

It’s been fun to program and do math again (I like math. I am a weirdo). So that has been taking up what little spare time I have. I do my hour of exercise every day, and then move to work, and then move to hobbies/fun, which happens to not be gaming right now.

I haven’t kept up with what is going on in the gaming world, but HAVE snuck onto your blogs to read now and again. I’ve always loved the blogging community but my interest and lack of spare time now has me doing other things. For now.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

-Isey / Chris

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  1. *poke* *poke*

    Just checking in to see if you’re *still* not dead. I hope so! And hope whatever is keeping you away is still of enjoyment, even if it is… Math… *visible confusion*


    1. Ha! Still kicking around, pop in and visit blogs now and again… still gaming. Survived the pandemic (to date). Nice to hear from you hope all is well in your world 🙂

      1. Glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking, still gaming and whatnot! Same here — COVID hasn’t been too bad here in NZ for past little while, but the ramp up of Delta variant in Aus has started to get a little concerning.

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