In the past I had broken down an annual review into 4 posts to really focus on what I was reading and writing about. I am going to condense that this year.

The blog was down this year – and pretty much tit for tat with my posting. I don’t get a huge amount of readers to begin with, but at the end of the day I get 120 to 140 views per post. So when my posting goes down so does my viewership. Which makes sense of course, and those are just based stats. I don’t really pay attention to feedly and what not.

None of that matters, of course, as I have never blogged for fame or money – nary an ad on the site. Heck, I have never even received a free steam key! I blog to flex my thinking and writing skills now and again based on what is getting me excited at the time.

2019 High Level Overview

January: I was blogging about my 2018 Blogging, Magic: The Gathering Arena, and Anthem.

February: Battlefield 5 (Games as a Live Service) and Anthem.

March: Anthem, Project 1999, New Blog Logo / Layout, Fornite / Marshmello crossover

April: Anthem, MTG:A, Zubon Retiring at KTR, Project 1999

May: P1999, WoW Classic, third party infographic influence

June: P1999, Pantheon

July: P1999

August: Community, Anthem, Writers Resting in Paradise

September: IHASPC Belated Birthday, P1999, The Boys (Amazon Prime Series)

October: Joker, Blizzard China Scandal, Big Data and Politics, P1999

November: P1999, Joker (reality), Brad’s death

December: Clash Royale, The Mandolorian, Holiday Wishes

Not a ton of meat on those bones, and not a lot to read about unless you fancy EQ, EQ emulators, people who made EQ, and people who made EQ who are making new games. Or the Anthem hype train, which has long left the station (although the game still exists).

My enthusiasm has waned a bit, but for gaming in general as I settle into routines that do not feel exciting to write about. Life has it’s ups and downs,and I’m not planning on going anywhere at all, but my output will go up and down as my enthusiasm does. That is just life and hobbies though, nothing to be terribly alarmed about.

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  1. I like the December timeframe. Everyone has a top 10 list and I can load up on games to play through the year. 2020 isnt looking like it has any major smashes on the way…so probably and indie heavy year to come.

    At least we have our health

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