The Mandolorian is Bad

Pitchforks and fire, Star Wars Fan boys & Girls, pitchforks and fire. Lest I forget – I am one of those fan boys.

It’s bad.

Like, really bad.

So bad, not even Baby Yoda can save it.

I love the Star Wars Universe. The games, the movies, the comics, the animated series – even the tabletop role playing game or the online games that you can visit now here. I actually signed up for Disney + for the sole reason of watching The Mandolorian. I have read great things about it! They are all lies.

I am not fervent Star Wars fan mad because they broke off from lore or historical perspectives or anything like that – I don’t mind lots of wiggle room with the canon and movies. It’s just bad TV. Average acting. Silly plots.

Where to start? How about the global bounty GPS tracker, that can track anyone and anything across galaxies. Would have been handy when they were looking for the Rebellion.

Or, the repeated “the galaxy is trying to find me and this strange baby I am carrying with me, so everywhere I go I’ll just have it walk beside me in public for all to see”.

Or, in the same grain – “I am leaving my ship here for repairs with the child in it, I’ll just leave it wide open and unlocked

Or the wow, everyone I meet is trying to double cross me and I put myself in the exact perfect situations to be double crossed in.. shocker!

There are two saving graces to this movie. Three, if one is true. Four if I stretch it.

One. The introduction is awesome. Here it is just for you.

Two: Mando’s helmet is cool. Very shiny and cool.

Three: I think that Neil Patrick Harris is the real actor under the suit. You can’t prove its Pedro Pascal, not one bit!

Okay, Four is that it is in the Star Wars universe with Star Wars music and Star Wars transitions. Just happens to be a bad story version of the galaxy, that’s all.

Not far, far away enough.

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  1. I kind of assumed it was Lone Wolf and Cub, set in the Star Wars Universe. It strikes me as a sound idea for a show, not that I’m going to be signing up for Disney+ any time soon. It’s too bad that the execution is off.

    1. To be fair it does have some bright spots. Decent blaster fights, some good premises for stories (etc.). But often nothing is explained satisfactorily. Some other things I would talk about but don’t want to spoil things – they could (and should) have invested in some writers.

  2. Funny, I’ve thought that all Star Wars movies and spinoffs post 4-6 were pretty much trash. Some decent flicks and cartoon series, but this felt like a return to form. I’m actually really on board with it, but perhaps I’ve not looked at it with a critic’s eye.

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