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  1. It’s like Pringles. You can’t kill just ten.

    There’s got to be something cleansing, in a Zen sort of way, in just slaughtering vermin. If nothing else, it’s a civic duty! If only getting that mouse under the sink was as easy.

    …I’m going to pass on political commentary, and the curious coincidence of this being posted the day after the elections… except to say that I’ll be killing monsters tonight in Atlantica Online, and that you’ve awakened another WoW itch somewhere around my left shoulder…

  2. LOL Tesh!

    I logged back into wow after 6 months and felt lost for the first time (after playing the game for 3 years). The talents had all changed, none of my mods worked (and WoWAce updater is no longer working, so I have to figure out how to hunt them all down and reset them up) and I logged into my Warrior. Alt. The Alt I made so there was always a tank if needed.

    Titan’s Grip just looked WAY too sweet to pass up (the talent that allows WoW warriors to dual wield 2H weapons!), especially since I have no concrete plans in WoW so figure solo grinding and all that jazz.

    Bah! no 2H swords on the AH? AHA! Two handed AXES! Wait.. what? No axe skillups? (not sure how I managed to get to 70 without using an axe). So, down to the Deeprun Tram to skillup. Again. I have done this before. =)

  3. It all makes sense now. 😀

    If I played a Warrior, I’d definitely go with Titan’s Grip.

    Regarding weapon skills, I’m something of a completionist, so when I was playing my (trial) Hunter, I purchased every weapon skill I could. I figured that I should be prepared for anything.

    …so naturally, I had to go do some weapon skill farming. I wish I’d have thought of Deeptram. I wound up just killing random stuff when I was out mining. There are just… so… many… things… to… grind…

    I sort of wish there were weapon training dummies that you could just beat the stuffing out of (then Tailor back into place?). I’d actually rather change the “skill up” procedure (swinging a sword around has to confer some sense of ability for other weapons), but a dummy would be a nice way to AFK autoattack automate the grind.

    Of course, then I wouldn’t be able to be ankle deep in rat carcasses in Deeptram. Choices, choices…

  4. … couldn’t you just use the training dummies in IF? I fully realize that isn’t as satisfying as the pile of rat carcasses surrounding your ankles, but it’s a bloody bit faster for skilling up, aye?

  5. We once held a Guild Meeting in the Deeprun Tram. When the meeting was over the platform bore a close resemblance to your picture.

    Killing frogs, squirrels and deer in Darnassus is fun too, but you don’t get the carnage of Deeprun Tram rats.

    That was something I missed playing Horde, especially when you got a cool new weapon and needed to level up that weapon’s skill. With no Deeprun Tram Rats to kill, where do Horde go to level weapon skills? Silvermoon does seem to have a plague of kitty cats…I’m just saying 😉

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