Green is Live

Project 1999 launches its “piece de resistance” today and I just checked and it is currently up and running with 1750 players currently on the Green Server (there are 500 still sticking around on Blue).

I did hum and hah about it but have decided to play a Shaman on the server. At least to try it out. My heart tells me Troll, but my head tells me Barbarian.

So, Troll Shaman it is. I named him after my first main character in 1999, Braack. I have no clue how long I will play on this server as the draw back to Blue, high level characters, and all the comforts of Velious era EQ are already there, but hey, I am a sucker for punishment, after all.

I also just got back from a work trip overseas (NZ / AUS) so jetlagged and real far behind Blognation.

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