Joker (2019)

I have made a few posts here fully mobile, and will link them when I get to a proper computer. I am drinking a beautiful, by a fire, smoking a Monte Cristo #5 while pretty sick. This has no bearing on this post. Except the mobile part.

I just watched Joker. Obviously, no spoilers here. Much has been said about it. This is not a superhero movie.

But it’s a good one.

Ifelt the struggle and the sympathy for much of the movie. There is a large part where I felt the pain Arthur struggled with. The depression, the anxiety, the craziness. And then I didn’t. They did a wonderful job of turning a sympathetic characterization of an innocent victim into an accidental villain.

And when he became the villain, I didn’t sympathize anymore. I merely understood why.

Doesn’tmean I agree with why.

Thesad part is, and not incite fear, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone uses it as an excuse to commit violence – because that is the new “normal”. If that does happen it will not be the fault of the movie (although some are already warning and blaming it will be) or the NRA. Just the sad realization that that is what happens far too often. It’s easy to say and see why people would draw comparisons to Gotham as it delvolves into a civilless city as commentary of society today, but it has tunnel vision here to justify the outcome of Mr. Fleck.

It’s a good movie. Worth the watch.

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  1. Remember Falling Down with Michael Douglas? Or the whole Death Wish series with Bronson?

    I think the topic is so complicated nuanced that it just isnt digestible for everyone. The concept of defense, revenge, and justice are blurred depending on what country and culture you live in. One of those movies where it ends and I end up not talking for the rest of the night.

  2. Yeah, but falling down wasn’t as intense. Felt more like a B movie. Joker really gets you deep. I didn’t see Death Wish (any of them).

    Joaquin really was amazing.

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