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I haven’t played PR for a couple of years (I haven’t played any PC FPSs in the same token) but I have written 6 posts that mentioned PR since 2010. I still believe it is the best shooter ever created for in depth realism, tactics, and genuine squad play that is completely absent in pretty much every other available shooter today. It is a community built mod and runs both on ARMA 2 and BF2 (I played the BF2 version) and Project Reality owns pretty much all of my FPS wow moments. I can’t recommend it enough

They are even talking about building a standalone product, of which I am anxiously awaiting. Since the game is mostly a labor of love they haven’t committed to a time frame.

I check in now and again to see what is new in Project Reality, and was sad to see the following announcement when I visited today.

The Project Reality Team is currently in a financial crisis and needs your support to help keep Project Reality alive!

The Project Reality Team develops modifications and games that are completely free for its community to download and play. The cost of Project Reality’s web server, domain names, code signing certificate, etc. however are not free. On average, it cost the team around $400 a month to keep developing Project Reality! Recently, our Google AdSense account was suspended for violation Google’s very strict content policy. This, along with not meeting our donation goals over the past couple of months, has caused our available funds to become dangerously low. Our dedicated community is still very strong and now more than ever we need your support to keep Project Reality going!

PR has been up and going for 10 years, so to see it in such trouble is disappointing. Still, I know some things have a life cycle and hopefully this isn’t the end for Project Reality.

Besides, what other shooter actually bothers to put in Canadian forces? Not even in snow gear!

So, I ask you to check it out and consider helping out. If you are one of those people who love kickstarting new shiny things, why not spend a little bit to help an older, beautiful thing keep going a while longer? While it is nice to build new skyscrapers keeping old castles around to enjoy is just as important.

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