Knee Slapper (Updated!)

Going to write a BIG fat disclaimer here as it involves the current American Presidential campaign. I have American friends who are the staunchiest Rebpublicans and diehard Democrats alike – and I have been a part of how any sort of political discussion can anger one or both camps. Bless you for your beliefs, and I just found this extradordinarily funny and wanted to share. Group hug and good luck on the election.

Much has been made of Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and her expensive wardrobe. I am not going to get into specifics about that discussion at all.

She explained that the clothes are owned by the RNC and her favorite clothing store is a consignment store in Anchorage, Alaska.

it is called “Out of the Closet”.

Considering her views on gay rights and marriage – and what that phrase typically encompasses - doesn’t anyone at all find that extremely funny? Anyone? Watching the discussion and announcement about it on CNN I almost peed my pants.


Guess the Out of the Closet company is now getting sued by the AIDS foundation. I know that AIDS is a valiant cause to fight. I think it’s cheap they are using the publicity of the politics and timing to use it as a promotional tool for awareness.

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  1. The woman probably isnt familiar with the term. She doesnt even know the job description for her potential position.

  2. Yep, that’s the point. She didn’t understand the connotation of it all, which is why I found it so funny =)

  3. I thought “Out Of The Closet” WAS a FLAG-owned second-hand clothing store. That’s what all of the “Out Of The Closet” stores are here in California.

  4. I believe the connotation came along later… much like the meaning for “gay” or “thong”. Stupid kids these days, ruining perfectly good words.

  5. @Cap’n: Looks like they company is now getting sued for trademark infringment : update above.

    @Tesh: I do wonder where the phrase originated from. Is it cruel and hate based, or akin to “skeletons” in someone’s closet? Always interesting to research phrases and their meanings. (I am just too lazy to this morning – wait, I mean BUSY!)

  6. @VB: Makes sense. I mean, boas get stored in the closet, and if you have one you are most definitely gay. So the act of pulling said boa ‘out of the closet’ is a very reasonable source for the phrase. Thanks for the clarification. 😉

  7. Since i’m the only gay in this village, I like to help when i can.

    Now excuse me while I go listen to a 12 minute remix of Dancing Queen.

  8. Well there you go VB, you just ruined yet another gay sterotype for me. I was certain it was the 15 minute Dancing Queen remix that was gay “approved”.

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