Happy Belated Birthday* I HAS PC Turned Eleven

I missed it two years in a row. I promise my record is better with family birthdays, wedding anniversaries and the like.

August 27, 2008 was my first blog post. Every year when I remember I missed my own blog birthday I tend to look back at the journey and ponder the way forward. Instead, today, I start to see the blog birthday as my real life birthday – just happy to see another one – and hope I exhibit the behaviours to make that a more likely chance in the future.

11 is nothing in terms of birthdays or years of note. The decade is so clean, and half decades round out the wait until the next. But 11, well, that’s just the first step to 15.

Should anniversaries on Blogs be a birthday, or an anniversary? It often feels more like a marriage (in both the good and bad ways) .

My blog was broken for a few days, turns out the domain had ran out and I missed it – so when I frantically wrote my tech friend / old guildmate / sponsor of the blog (he does all the hosting and tech support, and refuses payment from me despite my often insistence) he calmly realized the domain renewal and made the magic happen.

I have been blogging less for sure – and that has more to do with being less in the thick of the current and the new and still stuck in my 20 year old elf pixel simulator with pure enjoyment. I have said here before it’s hard to write about it constantly due to the disconnect with the rest of the gaming world. Perhaps that can make me as niche as the game! Dare to dream….

In the spirit of what is old is new again, I received a happy ping on Time to Loot who has found his own adventures on an emulated server for Asheron’s Call – a game I vaguely remember playing but not deeply connected to as N is. And as I read through his post about the power of nostalgia I realized something – I am no longer playing Project 1999 for the nostagia – I am just playing it because its a fun game holding strong on it’s own. Heck, my past month or so of gaming are places I have never seen or been to in Norrath and I am just having fun. I suspect some of that is due to the mechanics I prefer that are mostly missing in current MMOs (class diversity and inter dependency, challenge, etc.) and much of that is also being currently relived by Classic WoW players – who are on their initial surge of Nostalgia.

What will be most interesting to see is if the game – after the nostalgia wears off – ends up standing on it’s own as being fun to play for the game itself.

That’s my old person pondering as I self-apologize for missing my own blog-versary / blog-birthday, but regardless – thank you for reading and looking forward to keeping the train on the tracks for another year.

As Always,

Chris / Isey

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! And I’m glad the site got sorted, I wanted to link here in one of my earlier AC posts and was horrified to see the site not working.

    In terms of my AC experience, boy have I done a poor job explaining it, I think! Nostalgia might’ve been the initial kick-off. It almost certainly kept me going when the changes from what I knew became evident and I almost walked away until I saw a familiar stretch of land with memories attached.

    But it isn’t what keeps it going for me. That’s the game on its own merits. The part I was referring back to with the Nostalgia post as probably being wrong is that these old games are just places to visit, smile, and move on from.

    To think this devalues not only what they were, but what they *are*.

    That it took exposure to WoW Classic again to make me realise this still makes me chuckle a bit. 🙂

  2. Grats on eleven!

    I won’t repeat what I said in my comment to Naithin’s post but it applies here equally. These old games, emulated or recreated, don’t appeal just because they remind us of our past. They’re simply good to play. What else do we want?

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