You Have Become Better at Rat Killing (10)

Zubon over at Kill Ten Rats has made a his last post. He was the last regular poster over at the site that inspired me to start this blog. Yes, blogs come and go all the time (Writers Resting in Paradise is my nostalgic fuelled mission to keep their URLs alive and listed, if they were ever on my blogroll) and the KTR announcement hit me harder than most do. It is a part of blogging after all. At some point you start commenting on other sites, then writing on your own, then at some point you stop. For whatever reasons.

Zubon stopping posting is the equivalent of Stephen King not writing any more books, or Elon Musk switching to combustible engines. OR whatever (clever or non) analogy you can muster that you just don’t believe it would happen.

I posted a drippy, emotional response on there that KTR was not only the inspiration for me starting this blog, but also that I had secretly hoped that I would be invited to contribute there in my early blogging days. I don’t hold a candle to the contributors there – so it was more delusions of grandeur than anything, but I was a huge fan of the site.

Of course, I never would have belonged there. That wasn’t my quest, after all. Still, there was a comfort there for me and it was my blogging “Third Space”, I would go there and read every post, and it was things I wasn’t getting elsewhere as Zubon had his own analytic and interesting style.

I was digging through their archives to find out when I first posted there (which wasn’t as Isey, but as Chris F) and I think it was around 2008. Fun to see what was being written about then and how I was responding. I tend to struggle with letting go of the past, which is a really bad thing.

I guess I am making more of it than most, but putting KTR on my WRIP list will be the hard one. Not doing that yet, as blogs don’t make it there until 6-9 months inactive. And who knows, maybe something will get posted there in that time frame. It’s news to me, and it made me a bit sad as I reflect on my own blogging journey, inspiration for writing, and the ones my friends and peers are also on. Someday, we will all make our last post.

Cheers, and thank you Zubon (and KTR) for all of the years, The epic adventurers have for all intents and purposes ended their epic quest. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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  1. Horn tooting a bit… but there are very few of us bloggers left that have 10+ years doing this, and only a few more that join the sphere over the years.

    KTR was one of the most objective gaming blogs I have ever come across. If you had a continuum of all gaming blogs, from most positive to most negative, KTR would be the balancing point. A LOT of my thinking around randomization is based on Zubon’s posts. I’ve bought nearly every board game that was mentioned there as well.

    It’s a loss for the blogging sphere, but honestly it’s a larger loss for gaming as a whole.

    1. Yeah, I hit the 10 year mark last August but no way when I hang it up the loss will be as felt as KTR. It was, as you say, one of the best spots for commentary and thoughts regardless of what they were talking about.

    1. I visit Bhagpuss all the time!

      Ironically, there was a different blogger who had the same blog name, but owned the URL that is listed there. I followed him while he existed and he exited.

      Bhag should buy it!

      1. Lol! I never knew that. There’s a business of some kind that uses the name (they always come below me in a google search hehe) but I had no idea there’d ever been another blog.

  2. Aww lots of points for using a Friends gif. It does sadden me to come across blogs I really liked only to discover they have been abandoned. But so it is.

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