WODding Nistfully

Guess what – Warlords of Draenor has been released! I know this is a shocker to most of you, and my breaking news CNN style segment remains in tact.

The play on the title of this post is to acknowledge yet another failed feature on this blog. I’ve tried a few of them and was good at starting them but not continuing them. That trend is starting to move into my WoW life as well.

Similarly to Pandaria I am not hopping into this one fast. I suspect I will end up playing it at some point but am not entirely enthused about it. Pandaria was the shortest expansion I have played throughout my WoW tenure (and I have played them all). WoW, for all of its shortcomings (explained often here at iHASpc)  is still the game I spent the most time (and money) playing. I have more Facebook friends from WoW than any other MMO I have played. I still have the most memorable experiences from WoW. I suppose it is all relative to my first point (the time/cost investment). I still have my most intense memorable experiences in EQ and DAOC but there is still something to be said about volume. Up until Pandaria, I played expansions all the way through raiding (Pandaria’s must-daily-quest to advance system was not a welcome change from the must-dungeon-grind-in-tabard system of WOTLK). When WoW expands I tend to go back, play through to cap, muddle around until bored, and then exit again. I am not quite sure when (or if) that will happen this time around for me.

I’ve heard news that the last server/guild I moved to to follow friends is now all but dead and my main “crew” is back in the same guild on Whisperwind where I was longest tenured and GM’ed. Is GuildMastered a verb? I am Tempted to pop in and say hi, but I think I only have a bank alt left there. No way I would pay to bring a main or two back to the server and it’s tough to put a cost onto being with your friends. When is WoW introducing lobby technology again? Is there even a point to segregated servers anymore? The prospect of going to an empty guild where my mains are or to a server where I have no high levels isn’t that exciting. Sure, I could use my free 90 there I suppose but for what? I love my 90 Paladin, Rogue, Shaman, Druid – do I really need another 90? Sure, free is good! But of course I would want to level the characters who I have been over the years and known as in my WoW life.

The one size fits all Garrison features I have seen aren’t that exciting to me either, I prefer more personalized housing options. Some of it looks ok though and heaps of convenience for players, which is a good thing. At least they are finally doing housing. Can you have your own AH in your Garrison? Is there any life in capitol cities anymore/again?

All of these musings makes the thought of returning to WoW rather lukewarm for me. I have positive thoughts of levelling and running 5 mans there but is it worth it just for that? I have a hard time imagining having to pay a subscription and box price for a game I have already sunk thousands into. What do I hope to get from it? I suppose its fine in that touristy/vacation kinds of thought and expectation. It’s just not drawing me in right now, there isn’t any feeling of pressure or excitement to pick up the content and run with it.

There is a mild curiosity though. Murf already made the jump and is happy at what he has seen.

Perhaps I am really, truly, done with WoW.

Does that really happen?

(sneaky test)

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    1. Very clever. I can *almost* use that as a valid reason to run out and buy now, force a 90 on your server, and join that cool guild of yours. =)

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