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Short post and shout out to Contains Moderate Peril for their random number generator – I entered a contest there a while ago and ended up winning their autumn bundle.

The fun thing about that is I only entered because I am a fan of their site and podcast – so since I was there anyway consuming content, I thought why not throw my name into the ring? What are the chances? (pretty good, it seems!)

I love the blogging community and as such try to participate as much as possible. I try to add blogs to my blogroll frequently (even better now that I have the RSS updater up and running over there —–> ) I frequently comment on blogs, and even if i have nothing substantial to add I love it when there is a “like” button so I can still give them that digital toque-tip saying “hey – thanks for taking the time for creating this content”.

With that being said, I have three podcasts I am keeping current with and have been really enjoying for the past few months. All three are now part of TGEN but they weren’t when I first started listening to them. Now that they are part of that network it’s been fun to hear weekly themes and the way the different podcasts discuss and tackle similar issues. Anyway, here are the three:

Aggrochat from Tales from the Aggronaut

Contains Moderate Peril from the website named the same

Couch Podtatoes from Me Myself and I

I know all of them have other hosts and participants as well but that is through the source I found them, so giving them the link love.

I don’t have a ton of time to listen to podcasts but those are the three I manage to squeeze in every week – and I just wanted to share in case you were looking for something new to listen to. I feel that we are fortunate to be a part of a gaming community that creates great content and because I am thankful every once in a while I just want to reach out and say that thanks out loud in my own corner of the Interwebs.


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