Back in the Saddle

I was on a work trip to Louisiana last week (and ended up in New Orleans) and came back to Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend. Family is *still* in town so took an extra day off of work. The liver is recovering (and so is the blog). I started a bunch of posts last week but Louisiana was a lot busier than I had hoped =)

Just checking in to let you know I am alive, and thanks for calling the authorities to check in on me. I’ll get some posts out the door this week and dying to catch up with what is going on in Blognation.

I finished Wolf Among Us and looking at Red Dead Redemption  (another game I missed!) hence the title – can you recommend it?

Be back soon! Working through a  Turkey and real hangover.

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  1. If you like GTA, you’ll probably like Red Dead. I liked the first game (Red Dead Revolver) on PS2, so I thought Redemption would be awesome. I didn’t care for it. It was part shitty gun play and part wonky horse controls that turned me off.

    Literally though, it’s GTA in the wild west, so if that doesn’t sound appealing I’d skip it.

    1. This is why I ask these questions – I have read a few glowing reviews but summed up your way is far more “meh”. I’ll wait for the Ultra Steam sale at $5.00 or less to consider now. thanks =)

  2. Well as someone who likes to cut to the chase, that’s my viewpoint. Many would probably disagree with me on other levels or point out certain merits of the game.

    To me it comes down to the core mechanics, and they are very much GTA. Just like Infamous is very much like it as well, but I found it more enjoyable because you had super powers. But by the 2nd game I was bored already.

    Red Dead might appeal to you if you like the GTA core mechanics but want it in a different setting. I heard that the multiplayer component was a blast but I doubt there’s many playing it still.

    Keep in mind, I only played the game for a couple of hours so I can’t tell you how great the story might get towards the end.

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