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  1. Given the simplicity of the logos in your picture, maybe check out Canva and its logo templates. You could probably replicate any of those pretty quickly with that graphic design tool/website.

      1. And you got it! The orange banner header and elements like dividers and link text is an awesome nod to the colour scheme before. 😀

        Well done on the changes, imo!

  2. Of the logos you’ve displayed, I like top-left, top-right and middle-right the most I think.

    Otherwise though, as noted in prior comment — quite liking the new look. Images seem good and it’s really clean overall.

      1. And you got it! The orange of the banner and decorative elements is an awesome nod to the prior theme.

        Well done with the changes, imo! 😀

  3. How cool you can work on these yourself! I like the furthest to the right bottom one, there’s something about the two lines that meet, it looks so sharp 🙂

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