I Am Losing My Head.

Part of it, literally.

At first I thought that was my dwarf’s brain. Turn out it is a mouth. I guess if it was a brain it would be much smaller. The point of this picture is – this is what I am staring at while gaming right now. I busted my little dwarven butt on a solo inf grind PQ to get a new hat. I was extatic. Finally, a shiny new helm! I get it, vendor my old one, and this is the graphic for it. Good news is I can turn off my helm graphic right? Well, yes and no. I can turn it off, but it seems it is only temporary. Anytime I zone, enter/leave a scenario, take a flight path – anything that puts a loading book up on my screen makes me look at this, and yes, I have to click it on and off to fix it.

Not an earth shattering graphic bug by any means, but this one is the one I am most angry about. I know that is silly, with all the major issues, but I have to stare at this character long-time, and having to open up my character screen and hide the inside of my head every 5-10 minutes is completely annoying. Wait, fix that, aggravating. I want to choke someone (volunteer?). See, we all have our choking point (haha) and among the major bugs just today I have encountered two minor ones that have me rant-bloggish – although I know they are both non game breaking in the bigger picture, they ruin MY experience. So frustration abounds. What is the other one? It’s a lot bigger, and an even bigger dissappointment. In the spirit of vote-off reality TV, it will be revealed after the break.

Glad you stayed with me. I hope you are sitting down in your chair and ready to be horrified.

I hope you didn’t throw up. I know I did. That is my rest XP from my level 24 Engineer. I covered how I am hating the grind of the T3 leveling sometime ago, and for fun I moved on to an alt (The headless Ironbreaker-woman) and my plan was allow my “main” to get some handy rest XP so when I returned to level it would be less painful. The amount of rest XP you see above, is from over 2 weeks of sitting in Altdorf – meaning 150% gain rate. Either Rest XP is broken, or as suspected, the entire XP gain system in WAR.

I like the game, and these bugs aren’t going to make me quit. They are just such small things in the pool of bugs, however major graphic glitches and a completely broken rest xp system shouldn’t be in the game at this point. Yes, it is less than a month after release, yes the game is still playable with these two bugs, but they are things that should work without a second thought. The big stuff will take time to hammer out, little things like this should be a cake/pie walk for a programmer. I could care less for balance, that is going to take a ton of time to adjust. I guess we all have things that annoy us – something like this could easily be completely ignored by another gamer as “who cares”, but the point is I do.

Fix please. Pretty Please.

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  1. This is the sort of thing I’d expect Beta to fix. Working on console game dev as I have for a few years, we can’t let this sort of thing slide if we want to ship a title. What is it about MMOs that they think they can throw this stuff out there?

  2. I still believe we have made our own bed, and now lie in it. For years people continued to pay to play MMO’s with obvious and outstanding bugs from day 1 – some of them not escalated to a high enough ‘bug rank’ that they lingered for years before repair. Since we pay to beta (for all intensive purposes)both developer and customer alike have a comfort level with it.

    Irony of course is, is that I am still paying for it.

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