Because 5 is a Thing : BFV

A problem I am having with blogging and Battlefield 5 is that I play at my home laptop, and take pictures there, and then blog at work I need to change the default screenshot folder to one of my OneDrive folders so it syncs across platforms. So until then I don’t have more BF:V pictures. This will be a soulless (sans picture) post about my 5 (V?) favourite things about Battlefield 5 (so far). And since WordPress will not let me do a reverse order bullet point, we will not have a ranking, just five random things.

  1. (I) Squad Play is enhanced. You actually NEED all four classes, and running off on your own without them is detrimental to your game.
  2. (II) Scarcity of resources. It doesn’t actually feel that way when you play proper in a squad, but building off of the first point – you will run out of bullets if you don’t have a Support Class near by. You do NOT regenerate health passively – so you need a Medic nearby to regain any health. In Battlefield 1, anyone could spot and you spent rounds aiming at red circles (Because you couldn’t see people in the distance, but because they were ‘spot’ted, you were shooting at colour indicators near where people were). Only the Recon class can spot, and only with their spotting tool. It has made the game so much better to be interdependent on each other.
  3. (III) Dying animations. If you listen and experience it, it is actually awesome. Left click cries out for help. When you are an Axis soldier it’s hard to understand, but last night as I lied there as an Allied soldier, bleeding out I hit and held left button and my bloody hand outreached, struggling for help, and I screamed “I’m fucking dying here, please, someone help, please!”. The desperation in the voice actually made an impact that hey, this is actual war. These are lives.
  4. (IV) War Stories. There is not a real, single player campaign here but instead they are telling lesser known stories. The first one is about the British SBS – the Special Boat Service. I didn’t know this existed historically. How accurate it is, I don’t know, but the story mentions that soldiers weren’t put into the SBS but instead people who “got things done”. And you take on the role of an inmate, who is good at blowing things up, as you are recruited to do guerrilla warfare along the coast in canoes in small, non-unformed outfits.
  5. (V) Destructible / Build-able environments. Buildings you are in can blow up from tank and gunfire. And you can build them back up. We took over a small town in Conquest that was basically a barn with blown out windows, and I spent 10 minutes building sandbag walls, razorwire, boarding up the windows for protection from snipers, anti tank hedgehogs, etc. The entire area I was able to protect both of the flanks and prepare it to be attacked. It was a complete renovation. I wish I had pictures. I did find a video!

It’s amazing. A game changer.

Anyway – I still have way more to discuss about this game, but it is my early favourite iteration of the franchise. And it’s not even released to the general gaming community yet!

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