Post Blaugust Era – September Preview

Funny thing about habits is that you miss them when you aren’t doing them (I quit smoking over two years ago). That is the way I felt when I missed what would have been my 32nd consecutive post. Much like hitting the gym, a day of rest is a good idea now and again. OF course, my excuse was that I was on the road for work and by the time I got home and got my family ready for first day of school today, I was out of time AND energy. There are some fun, new changes coming to I HAS PC this month!


Ok, very late to the party here, but @ihaspc is now live and I have been adding folks that I follow and dipping my toes in there. I also put a feed on the widget bar over there. Any tips, let me know! I am big into facebook because that is an easy platform to manage (personally). Should be fun to learn a new social media platform and if you see me screwing something up, please laugh at me. And then tell me to correct it. But do the laughing part, because if you can’t laugh at me, who can you laugh at? Please add me, and suggest good people to follow!


Sure, it was by a randomized dice roll but if I didn’t have luck, what would I have? Although I have a small sidebar you see the proud Blaugust Championship graphic displayed at the top. Blaugust was awesome and while I won’t be posting 1 a days anymore, I am committing to three times a week minimum. Blaugust renewed my already solid passion for blogging and it’s stronger than ever. I enjoy posting more. I enjoy connecting with others in Blognation and Anook has been a really fun source and inspiration for posts and community building. So, thank you Belghast, for making our community that much better.


A friend of mine manages and he can’t sort out the linkback errors and issues (he is having it on his blog too) and much to my shock and surprise, is available and I snagged it. I am going to back up this site, move it to WordPress hosted, but keep the URL and just point it there – no exact timeline but expect it in the next week or so. I am not bailing on him as tech support I am bailing on the unfair expectation that my friend is supposed to be my tech support in the first place. He is a busy family man and I respect that more than the needs of this site. At least, once WordPress hosted, I can bug them for the proper support unashamedly. I *may* mess with the themes once it is WordPress hosted, so be warned. Maybe the site will actually look good.


Queued up for September – XCOM: Enemy Within, The Walking Dead 400 Miles AND Season 2, and I am going to MMO something. Either LOTRO, STO, EQ2, GW2, SWTOR or TSW. Yup, that is a long list, but I am going to commit to a month of MMO’ing and share it here. I’ll be asking for your help in deciding what title at some point soon.

Blaugust just felt like a warm up. September is going to be an awesome month!

[ignore this just testing something.]

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  1. If you look at my Twitter friends list, I have pretty much all the NBI folk and then some. You can find most of what you’re looking for there, I imagine. Welcome to Twitter, it’s actually more addicting than Facebook, imo.

    The Walking Dead 400 days was ok, but it didn’t really tie things together as much as I expected. Having just finished season 2, I can say you won’t be disappointed. Lots of fun to be had.

  2. Thanks Izlain – been adding and dipping my toe in with some tweets and retweets. Learning how things are used. I forgot I even had 400 days but that is the natural Segway into jumping into season two, so going to go through it to get the full experience.

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