HELP ME, HELP uh ME? (Update #1/#2)

It seems my blog pages ‘formatting’ is taking on a life of it’s own. I am not sure where/how I borked it, but it seems to be a streaming and stemming problem that is getting worse. Anyone out there suggest a good, clean theme (that I can’t possibly break?)

Update: Going to be messing around with a few preset layouts from WP. The black background is starting to hurt my own eyes when I type/read articles/comments. I guess their is a reason most use white space – go figure! (I use black paper at home with a white marker, I promise).

Update #2: Found a nice simple layout, white backdrop, and set width. With the old layout I really liked the flexibile width, but it made formatting posts a bit of a pain in the buttocks. Would look good when I did it on my 22″ widescreen monitor, but look like garbage on a smaller square one. So now, sticking with the set width. I am replacing the graphic above (it was the default) although I rather like it so I will just be incorporating the site name into it. Let me know if you like this one better than the black background one, curious if it is nicer to read on for you too.

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