Funny how we are sometimes reminded of how things were. The 21 questions post from yesterday really had me looking at my gaming roots with question #(whatever the question was) and I thought long and hard about my Vic-20 and C-64. I googled M.U.L.E (one of the best games I recalled from those days) and was searching around for a graphic to insert.

By doing so, I found this list. That link is a link to the top 100 C=64 games of all time.

Wow, just wow. Out of the top 20 I remember playing 14 of them. Out of all 100 I remember playing a LOT of those. That’s crazy! And while I recall fondly M.U.L.E (ranking #17) I also now remember a lot of others that were amazing classics at the time. #8 Archon, was one of my favorite games of all times. I just completely forgot about it. If you grew up on the Commodore systems go check it out – guaranteed to bring back some amazing memories!

I’m 40 and my memory is failing.

The Sega list for Sonic Ultimate Games Collection (linking Izlain) is a cool list and my best friend in public school had a Sega that we played the crap out of. Golden Axe especially (and football..) There have been so many games that I am starting to forget about them.

My first real PC was a Compaq 386 SX-16 (google for a picture) and I paid almost $4000 dollars for it. A whole summer of wages (minimum wage was $2.95 when I started my first job) plus a loan from Grandma. That was when I was introduced to Starcontrol 2, Xcom, and Civilization. World of Warrant (RTS) and Command and Conquer. So many classics!

Although, I also recall that I used to dial up and go to BBS’s to try and do an online D&D and chat in 8 bit text glory.

As I get older I start to believe that knowing and remembering history is more and more important. Even for gaming.

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