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As per my normal modus operandi for World of Warcraft I was done with this expansion. Truth be told this expansion was the longest and hardest (that’s what she said?) I have played a WoW expansion since Wrath of the Lich King. It was a fun, well put together experience overall. Sure, I felt the story went from great (Suramar) to a bit silly (SPACESHIPS!) but hey, Blizzard has never been known for their storytelling. Anyway it is with a bit of shock and surprise to myself finding myself re-installing WoW so close to a new expansion – especially because I always (purposefully) enter an expansion well after launch so things aren’t so crowded and annoying. Heck, I don’t even know if I am going to play Battle for Azeroth at all. What was the impetus? The artifact bear form appearance.

courtesy: Wowhead

Part of the reason why I even bother to play WoW is my attachment to my Druid. With each new expansion I feel like his story deserves to be told until the day he officially enters the Emerald Dream. This has meant some long forays into the game (WOTLK, Legion) and some really short ones (Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor). I usually Bear / Heal as my main specs (not necessarily in that order) and when they launched the new bear form above this year I was really excited to get it – until, it turns out, you have to be really, really good to or have an insane ilvl. Neither of which I am/have. With the news that these forms are no longer able to be attained once Battle for Azeroth starts, and that the time locked mechanic which gates the attempts to get it are now permanently unlocked I knew I had to go try.

Besides, now is the best time – you get a free, maxed out artifact weapon on a simple quest. So the ilvl will climb a bit. While it is good to have a purpose, the short timeline adds a bit of stress and since it is a solo mission I can’t just find help.

This may be my last adventure with my Druid, so wish me luck.

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  1. What I noticed is the iLvL didn’t change. I believe that’s a factor of what relics you have. However, for me the proc looks to be about a 30% intellect jump every what ever seconds. I forget how often. I haven’t tried the Mage Tower with the Overcharged Weapon, mostly because I’m afraid of how I will feel about it if I fail at super easy mode, and the skin really has no meaning to me.

    1. It’s very hard and humbling. My ilvl is 930 and I can’t even get phase one down to half with all the proper enchants, consumables, etc.

      Sad to admit – maybe I do just suck! =)

      1. Don’t feel bad, I’m 940, tried it the other day. Once got cornered and blasted off the platform, once to about 50% before I died, last time ended up on a ledge with no where to go. And I just walked away from it. I don’t need challenging aggravation in a game that is supposed to be for fun.

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