Thank you, and damn you, Aggronaut. At the same time, challenge accepted! [WildStar voice, cupcake. And yes, all WildStar players are groaning now..]

Blaugust is a blogging challenge to post every single day. Every. Single Day. Personally, I am a once a week kind of blogger, sometimes slide in an extra post or two. This challenge will be extremely hard for me but I am not afraid and will try. Good thing I did my systematic Friday-Regular-Blogroll-Check or I wouldn’t have even noticed and started a few days late. Thankfully (for me? for you?) that is not the case.

I’m supposed to link here and here, I think that is how it is done, its the Anook-thingy so I may have screwed that up. It may be #blaugust or something instead, but following instructions was never my strong suit. I did add a new Blog Category if that counts!

I am not queued up for a gaming post but thankfully it doesn’t have to be! What I am queued up for, at the fresh age of 40, is a mid-life crisis. I am struggling to decide which mid-life crisis actions/purchases I will do, so I will lay out what I consider the possibilities and then engage my helpful readers to help me decide.

1) Younger Girlfriend – this is N/A because 1) my wife is already younger and 2) I am happily married. Not mid-life-crisis enough to throw all of that away. I love my wife! (She reads this blog too. ahem. xoxo)

2) Boat – Was thinking a nice 12 seater deck boat for days on the lake.. fishing, drinking, swimming.. lucky for me I am surrounded by beautiful fresh water lakes and within an hour drive have 50+ different lakes I could put a boat into. I originally wanted a Canoe for my 40th (instead of the Vegas trip) but held off at the time to pay down household debt (so responsible!)

3) Motorcycle – It is time! I haven’t ridden since dirt-bike teen days, but I have always, always wanted a Ducati. A nice Monster 796 (or 696?) something to manage as a first bike. There are some nice Harley’s too but really need a starter bike. I’m too young to die (but not too old to live like I am not afraid of dying..) Check this out:

Picture my girlfriend on the back of that! WIFE! I mean WIFE!

4) Cottage / Vacation property: similar to #2, there are a ton of cottages on a ton of those lakes. And while I secretly always wanted to live on the water I love my house. It may make more sense to have a cottage to visit on evenings and weekends. Downside on this one is that it’s a bit bigger of a commitment than the rest (even #1) and the enormity of the decision

5) Man Cave/Bar: I hate my basement – but I have a great sunroom that I could easily build an awesome, reclaimed wood bar complete with giant screen tv and top shelf booze. That I could sit at.. by myself.. every night… watching baseball and gaining weight. Well, I have WIFI so maybe that could be my drinking/gaming den.

6) Computer slant – go on a KICKSTARTER binge – kickstart every half decent sounding MMO in the hopes that something comes out in the next decade that I can learn to love, build roots and community in, and enjoy like the “good old days” ™

7) Pool – long term discussions with wife to redo our backyard into an Oasis. I think I want to disqualify this one because my wife actually wants it, which makes it sound not very mid-life crisis(y)

8) Other – any suggestions? Ideas? I’m open!

Mid-life crisis level is only DEFCON Blue so still have some time before things get absolutely batty around here.

Blaugust 1 down. 30 to go.

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