Another Missed Opportunity

I woke up with an email from Arenanet this morning.

I was legitimately intrigued. GW2 is a game I bought, and I played up until level 40 – and burnt out because the solo leveling grind just wasn’t fun for me. I loved the aesthetics, and most of the combat (the weapon swap LAS wasn’t my thing) but it just didn’t stick. When I started doing group content, the zerg like nature was chaotic, guaranteed to succeed, and it felt like my contributions didn’t really mean anything. Still, it’s nice to hear from them and nice that they are thinking of me. +1 GW2.

Anyway. Let’s see what’s new in GW2 to drag me back in!

The story journal seems interesting. With my newer playstyle from “hardcore” raider to lore hunter, that could gel. I did enjoy my personal story while levelling and I never understood how it tied into the bigger picture. OK. +2 there.

The Account Wardrobe isn’t normally my thing – I’m so used to gear updating so fast in WoW and the transmog being a pain in the ass there.. however, I did hear that GW2 makes it pretty seamless and easy. I may give that a try. +3 GW2! You are winning me back!

Being a blogger and “in the know” (cough cough) I have heard some big mixed reviews here and while MEGA sells a lot of combos, not sure if it works for me. However, I could see how that sounds nice to the uninitiated (Bane voice) but I’m not giving GW2 points for this one. Still a nice +3 total running. Whatever could be next?

Wait. Whaaat? How is WildStar: Out Now! a benefit and a draw for me to come back to GW2? (seriously, it was continual, just cut and paste all of my cuts back together. Not a bar, no separation, right below the Mega Server without an additional space or line. Right at the bottom of “reasons to come back to GW2” is an advertisement for WildStar (which I am already playing, under the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS.) -10 GW2.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – for companies that are built on data and account information, do some actual work. I know it is far easier to send out one mass email but this is a huge missed opportunity. Companies that tend to be successful in this day and age learn to talk with their customers, not at their customers.

Talking about features that may or may not be important to me isn’t likely to incent me back. If I am not playing, you have 0% chance for me to buy into your cash shop. So why not try this?

Dear %insertname%

It’s been a while since you played GW2! We have been constantly improving our game and we want to know there have been some changes, but also want to know why you left. If you fill out the following, really short survey (we promise!) we’ll put %x number of cash shop currency% that will be waiting for you when you log in!

1. Why did you quit GW2?

  • The grind was too much
  • The story was hard to follow
  • I didn’t like my character and didn’t want to start fresh

2. What would make you come back to GW2?

  • Extra XP to catch up
  • Some cash shop goodies
  • A Costume item!

Thanks for your input – we’ll be back to you soon!

Those are just examples but you get the picture. I know that looks complex but hey, now all you have to do is plug in the responses, and send back a follow up email addressing some of their concerns (if they have any) and or some items to help them. This could all be automated as well. 10 XP potions costs you nothing to send to a person not playing. If those 10 XP potions gets them enjoying the game again, and maybe investing in the community (and/or cash shop) isn’t that a win?

The best part is, you now have hard data on why people left your game, and/or at least people that aren’t worth chasing anymore.


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