Spammy McSpamertons

Holy bejezzus.

(that PG enough?)

Spent a week working and not playing or blogging, came back to my blog with thousands of spam messages caught by askimet.

Anyone (much smarter than I?) care to explain how the nonesens-ish posts somehow create clickthroughs or traffic?

And how many Michael Kohrs bags need to be spammed anyway?

See, it’s not just the important blogs getting spammed to all heck.

(PG again, see that?)

337 more came in in the time it took me to write this.

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  1. The goal is to improve search engine results by creating more and more recent links to the target page. If Google sees that thirty blogs have linked to page X for buying cheap oakley whatever, it may list that page higher on the search results when people search for cheap oakley whatever.

    Also, if any one link slips by the spam filters, that creates an opening that makes it more likely that other links from that spambot will be auto-approved because that one is now a trusted comment author. For the spammer, that’s a virtuous circle.

  2. Thanks Z.

    Next question – why the sudden multiple on attempts? (Any guesses?) I am getting up to 20x the amount (all caught, for the most part) than I used to.

    Is it that profitable or since it is such a numbers game, and tech is cheap – they are just flooding the internet?

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