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I love reading Bio Break’s quote of the day and read Syp’s blog daily. Sometimes I find quotes on other blogs I really enjoy, so I may throw one up now and again. Here is one I read today!

“SOE has sent a message that H1Z1 isn’t just another Zombie-themed survival sim where the story ends when you get killed, looted, and teabagged”

AstralEcho MMOBsession

AstralEcho is part of the Newbie Blogger Initiative and what spoke to me about this quote is the accurate humour of it all. This is what seems to be the major complaint (and attraction) of DayZ, but also what is keeping away zombie enthusiasts such as Izlain and myself.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m not getting involved with DayZ because it’s an established gank fest. I do however intend on trying out H1Z1 when there’s something playable.

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