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I like zombies. When I checked my tags I was sad to see that I actually only have 4 posts that talk about Zombies. And while I have a Zombie category, I typically only categorize by design house.  Of course, I did change my tag system to a series of misguided, oft-not-funny, sarcastic remarks since tags are rarely used (on here, anyway). The search is all powerful!

Zombies have made for great gaming, and they provide ample fodder for gamers and guns and survival. Some are getting sick of Zombies and the glut of existing and upcoming titles surrounding them – the more the merrier I say! That is odd to say as Zombies are never merry, and yes, all mention of Zombies deserve capitalization. I digress. Anyway – my dream, self designed MMO is a fresh take on the genre and while it has only been built daydreaming about the possibilities Zombies have a place in my heart. World War Z (the book) was a very cool ‘historical’ look at what happened during a realistic outbreak. It’s a recommended read. The movie was a complete and utter waste of a good brand name but still worth watching if you like Zombie movies. Just don’t expect it to reflect the book in any single way or form.

I’m pretty upset about that.

Imagine my delight when I saw on Kotaku through a unified news feeder that the USA army has a real plan for fighting a Zombie apocalypse and there is a direct link to it on Scribd (that I just linked to to save you an extra click). Of course, it was created as a useful training tool for writing attack plans and read the disclaimer because there is no reason to get upset that the USA government “spent money on this”. People will probably get more upset that they don’t actually look at the ZA as a legitimate threat. But hey, at least they account for magical zombies from all sorts of sources.

It’s a fun read if you are into that sort of thing.


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  1. I’ve been a huge fan of the zombie genre for a very long time. I have books, comics, games, movies, you name it. I am really hoping that H1Z1 ends up being something great. I’ve been interested to try Day Z but I hear that it is a gankfest and actually a mod for some shooter. So that’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

    I haven’t read World War Z, though I have the Zombie Survival Guide. I also have an Army Zombie Combat Training Guide, but I doubt that’s related to the actual Army. WWZ the movie was alright, but I’d be willing to be the book is superior.

    Zombies are awesome and we should continue to talk about them.

  2. Go read WWZ Izlain, you will love it. It’s written as a historical recount of how the world responded to the outbreak – and its in short story format as each chapter is someone else’s experience. It’s really well done.

    H1N1 could be amazing – the F2P nature worries me (cosmetic buys are good! Functional buys are bad =) and hopefully they stick to that. I just hope it doesn’t turn into DayZ as well. It is a mod and the zombies are basically props – its just people ganking people.

    I’m not sure if H1N1 is using hate Landmark toolset but I certainly hope so – although I don’t think it is. The LAndmark tools would lend well to a destructible and buildable world.

    Zombies all day long =)

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