Mourkain Temple is a Tier 2 Scenario in the Dwarves vs Greenskin Pairing. The game is very simple: get, and hold onto, the Mourkain Artifact for as long as you can. You get points for holding onto the artifact and for killing enemies. The artifact holder gets bonus points for killing while holding it, and there are bonus points if you kill the artifact holder. If the artifact drops it stays on the ground where the person was killed for a short while.

Match typically goes like this: Both sides rush to the artifact. First one to get it rushes back to their own spawn area.

People generally forget that: The first side to get the artifact pretty much always wins. If a scenario queue pops up for Mourkain Temple, enter as fast as you can instead of grinding out a few more mobs. If you come into the game a second after it has started you have put your team at a severe disadvantage.

The “Aw $hit moment”: You don’t get the ball first

Facepalm: You get the artifact but the holder decides to lead the charge into the enemy swarm

Don’t fall for: Leaving the artifact carrier. The enemy will try to drag you away from it so they can send in an organized strike team to take it down. Let them come to you.

Best way to win: If you get the artifact initially, take it right back to your spawn. If you are a healer and die, stay up at your spawn area and heal from up there in general safety. Keep the artifact holder alive at all costs. If you don’t get the artifact initially, only chance you have is to wait for everyone to be alive and zerg the artifact holder at the same, and hope one of their side doesn’t pick it up fast enough if you manage to drop him.

What needs to be fixed: A lot. Have a tether on the ball so if you leave a certain (wide) radius, the ball automatically explodes killing the carrier and resets. The artifact is supposed to deal increasing damage the longer it is held – this is either broken, or needs to be increased ten fold. Push back spawn areas so healers and ranged dps cannot sit at their spawn point while protecting the ball.  Have the ball blow up the carrier (aoe yumness!) if the same carrier holds it for 5 minutes. Also, if the ball drops, have it reset to the middle position instead of where the carrier dies to stop the same side of just repicking it up. All of these changes would better promote a flowing, open battlefield and make this scenario a lot more fun.

As an Engineer on defence: Have fun. If you are not holding the ball you will not be a priority target here and can just dps merrily away as the other team goes for the artifact holder, or the healers protecting the  holder. While dps’ing follow main assist (of course) and do what you need to do to keep the holder alive.

As an Engineer on offence: Focus fire the ball carrier and use AOE DOT’s to interrupt the enemy trying to pick it up if it happens to drop.

Final Thoughts: This Scenario misses the “ball”. It could be a ton of fun but really equates to a farm fest for whoever gets the ball/artifact first. Changes mentioned above will improve the fun of the scenario. The key here should be to design the round that the ball has to switch hands multiple times. Until/if that happens, fire up your mount, get to the ball first, and enjoy the spoils.

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