In current MMO land I am certain I’d get an achievement DING and maybe a blogging battle pet (or something). Personally I’m not one for making big deals out of milestones (especially when it comes to blogging) but when checking my dashboard noticed I had crossed that threshold, and for a fleeting moment thought it was kind of cool =)

The 1000th comment was bhagpuss talking about EQ which is pretty fitting I think, considering my MMO lineage, in partial glory below:

I think that’s a specific change just to those specific Kobold camps in Steamfont, not a generic change to difficulty at that level. They’ve been the way you describe for a very long time, many, many years. Possibly it happened when the zone was revamped with the new art.

In fact I’m going to log in now and whack an orc in one of the Commonlands camps to see how many come…

There is the epic-ness of my 1000 comment on this site. Bhagpuss should probably win something… does my eternal gratitude count as anything? =)

Regardless, it will go down in IHASPC history!

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  1. Thanks Bhagpuss!

    August 2008 was my first post, but I was really inconsistent – I had two times I left blogging for extended time periods. It’s something I really enjoy and not holding myself to any expectations now – I like to do a post a week minimum and really enjoy visiting other blogs.

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