EQN:L Closed Beta

Just posting here for anyone interested!

I will be playing on the COURAGE (US) Server (assuming it is still there) and will be hoping to claim land near some friends. With this in mind, if you find a place to claim, please post it here! I am at work today *ahem* so I won’t be able to claim until the evening.

With that in mind, picking an out of the way spot is preferable so there is room for others to claim nearby. If not, with new claim permissions, 60 minute ports to claims (etc.) it won’t be too tough to find one another.

If you claim early please post Server-Area-Tier and Type, and general area. I read there will be a mid-closed beta wipe when they add in caves and water so don’t worry about finding the perfect spot. It will go beta-poof! =)

Isey is my name in game as well, so hopefully they have friends lists working in this iteration. Just read they are extending downtime, so we’ll see how smooth things are.

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  1. …feh, I need to follow forums more/better. Was hoping we’d be seeing caves with this. Off-today for some errands/parental duties (teenagers, uhg) but not expecting anything til 2-3pm at this point.

  2. Oof. Frame rate is through the floor … like, my best is 15, my worst is … well, 0. And that’s clearing all the requirements. Not sure what it is, but it looks like I’m out after all.

    1. What kind of a rig are you running?

      I’m sure people will sort out some optimizations. I was able to play on a surface pro 2 tablet with integrated graphics in ALpha – I just lowered settings and stayed in unpopulated areas =)

      Don’t give up hope yet – probably lots of people hitting servers hard right now.

  3. btw I’m running under the name Mehlan this round instead of Roadkillstewie.

    Aye server load and looks like maybe some tweaking needs be done… alpha I was getting better fps 50+, currently running… 23-24 gps with a gtx 760.

  4. My framerate has been taking turns to bounce from 0-40 within the same second. Yes, 0.

    Considering my toaster appears to be under minimum spec for CPU, and just shy under the minimum for GPU, I’m pleasantly surprised to find that it’s running at all. Going to windowed fullscreen seemed to help, and tweaking down shadows to low, over the default windowed setting that was what one started with.

    I gather it’s probably this version of the beta client, plus perhaps the beta crowds. Being near other players tends to make it worse for me, as well as when moving. Retreating to a more isolated corner yielded a slightly more playable experience.

    Moving between islands to find resources is going to be tricky though, since one has to get to the spire, I take it. :p

  5. As a further addendum, dropping the Render Distance to 1000 by editing the Useroptions.ini (and turning off shadows) seems to have stopped my CPU from howling in pain and taking turns being the bottleneck with the GPU.

    It’s at the cost of limiting the distance of the map seen with the M key, but a small price to pay, imo.

    My FPS still drops to 0 for a split second whenever moving before the graphics card catches up again, but smoother performance nonetheless.

  6. Awesome – thanks for the tips and suggestions Jeromai =) Looking forward to finding a claim tonight. I am guessing Mehlan is going to beat me to it!

  7. maybe…spent my hour or so of play time just collecting and trying to get the first set of tools… Tourmaline seems to have been the hardest to locate so far in tier one, not counting the wood… the 2nd axe references a ‘special jungle’ tree but haven’t figured what it is yet. They do push early for you needing a claim… or 🙂 making use of someone else’s forge etc in order to make you tools. I started on courage/dune, and a couple people were nice enough to place a claim and leave open access to forge and alchemy table.

  8. Oof. I re-checked the system specs and I must’ve been working off an old set. My 3ghz Intel Core2 Duo is not gonna maintain anything but a dull whimper playing this.

    Well, I was looking for an excuse to upgrade my CPU … and my motherboard… Hoo boy.

  9. Ok…. claim set courage-Gully, east/ne area. It’s just over 1/2 between spire and map edge. There’s a valley on either side, and a decent sized mountain next to me, it’s pockets of old growth biome bordered by ice/snow biome.

    currently I’ve setup the following tools…
    Stone Forge, Alchemy Station & Tinker’s Workshop… I’ve got to go find/collect thistle for the outfitters.

  10. @Xyz – no time like the present!!
    @Mehlan I really haven’t been able to get into game but REALLY looking forward to it. Glad you found a space! I’ll try to get in and get one near you =)

  11. Think you can prolly get that mountaintop if you want… I’ll warn you there seems to be something funky in regards to claim notifications when your roaming around… I’ve gotten that top drop down when im supposedly entering someone’s claim, and been well outside of it.

    btw send me a friend invite, I tried but don’t know if im doin it correctly. 🙂

  12. @Xyz I’m running a Core 2 Duo too, that’s probably lower than yours. Think mine is only 2.3 ghz. Don’t let that stop you jumping in regardless. Though the game will -definitely- play better with an upgrade, I feel the CPU bottleneck quite often.

    @Mehlan The friend you’re friending has to accept, so if Isey hasn’t gotten into game yet, that’s probably why. It really is quite unintuitive though, with no messenging yet to the initiator – I spent quite a while hammering in any names I could think of, plus randomly friending any nearby person whom I could definitely confirm by sight was online, wondering if it was even working yet. 🙂

  13. Presume that’s the case, just wasn’t ‘sure’. 🙂

    Got a full suite of basic tools setup now, I think the claim is open for anyone to use em.
    Just got mithril pick, so…presuming trading works, I can pass on what old ones I didn’t trash.

  14. It worked, we are friends (officially, in game) – same with Jeromai and another person.

    I claimed right beside you – follow the west/sw tree ridge – nice little path!

    Time to grind mats again =)

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