EQN Landmark – 4 Extra Closed Beta Keys

First off – check out these amazing player creations already – amazing work by EQN:L Trailblazers! Imagine a sandbox world filled with those….

Alpha is ending, and while I haven’t been playing as much (here comes the wipe!) I definitely will be rebuilding and trying again when Beta starts.

Here is the good news – as a Trailblazer, I have FOUR unlimited access beta keys to give away (that I will have around March 26th). If you are interested in one, post in the comments below, I’ll randomize them off and email them to the email address (that I can only see) in the comments section – or figure out how to get them too you without sharing your info with the world =)

Simply post why you want one – although your answer will have no bearing on receiving. Will be a random draw -curious if I even get four people Tesh? you interested? =)


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  1. I’ve had a hard time getting hype for MMOs lately. Kind of tired out on GW2, FFXIV, Secret World, Everquest 2… so I’ve been playing a lot of solo stuff. I’m genuinely curious about Landmark though.
    I’d like to see what kind of world it is, what the toolset is like… Everyone’s been talking about the grappling hook and I’ve gotta try that. Basically I want a chance to give it a good poking and see what falls out.
    (Here via Bhagpuss’s blogroll. Hello.)

  2. Really enjoy youre blog.

    Why would I want a Landmark beta key?
    Cause my most played game on steam is terraria. Seems like a “proper” evolution.


  3. Hi XyzzySqrl! I really enjoy Bhagpuss’ blog – thanks for stopping by. EQN:L really sounds like your speed too – you can get lost in it solo pretty easy =)

    I’m going to give it a few days before closing off people who can win the keys, but I don’t get a ton of commenters so that works out in your favour for sure, LOL!

  4. This must be the gamer equivalent of networking!

    I just bounced off your competition with a quick post at Inventory Full pointing over here. I was planning to do something similar with one of Mrs Bhagpuss’s free keys but I haven’t actually gotten around to asking her yet – she might have other plans for them.

    I dropped into Landmark today for the first time in a bout a week and a half and I was just stunned by how good it looks. I’d forgotten, somehow. Really looking forward to beta.

  5. Ditto, I’m curious to see what EQ Landmark is all about, and I’m really liking the aesthetic style from everyone’s posted screenshots… but not enough to pay for not yet completely polished content!

    (Here via Bhagpuss, filling up your comments!)

  6. Thanks bhagpuss =) And thanks for stopping by Esloan and Jeromai – Going to give another day or two for people to comment but your chances look pretty good *grin*

  7. With a day left I am locking this down – so:


    Congrats on your keys! I’ll email them out to you as soon as I get them (which is supposed to be tomorrow.. but that may be a floating target =)

    Make sure the email addresses you put in to post are the right ones =)

    Hope you enjoy them and I hope to see you in EQN:L!

  8. 🙂 Any thoughts to, trying to…meetup in the new ‘world’ so to speak. Seems theres a list of ‘island names’. You pick it bud, and those inclined can hunt ya down.

  9. Depending on when the game launches I’m definitely down to getting space. Lets pick a desolate corner in either a Snow or Old Forest zone – with the new 60 minute port timer its not that big of a deal to be far out. I’ll make a post tomorrow in the morning inviting people to post where they are based – AS SOON as you get one, post! I’m not particular, I’ll just pick one close to you (or, if I best you on, I’ll do the same thing).

    question now – tier 3 zone probably?

  10. PS – I am going to miss the epic mountain top though 🙂 Not a biggie as it will also get wiped before open beta but still worth mentioning 🙂

  11. Ah! Thank you greatly, I almost missed this (I keep forgetting you don’t get auto-notified by email unless you check a box). I’m -pretty- sure my email is correct.
    I’ll probably write a bit on the game m’self over in my blog.

    1. Awesome! Check out the EQN:L forums – lots of information there (not sure what you can see…)

      They just tweeted that emails HAVE NOT gone out yet – but I’ll keep my eye on it today and send them out soon as I see them!

  12. Forums say emails should go out once servers are ready to go up…. guessing on at least 3+ hours.

  13. Yay, thank you tons for the (future) key!

    I have very little clue what to be doing in Landmark, having not followed any forums like a hawk, and I suspect my download will take ages, so I have no plans to be settling anywhere just yet.

    Go grab your claims and what not, I’ll probably wander around visiting and poking at everything I can. 😛

    Get a feel of the lay of the land, then find some out of the way corner with decent enough resources, assuming that land space isn’t -too- much at a premium.

    1. Land space was non existent at the beginning. Land rush was crazy. They added more fast though, so I am guessing they are going to be better prepared here (and if not, they will add fast). Once it is all settled there will be big gaping spaces (in the Alpha there was at least).

      It’s almost better to wait for the next round, but who knows. We’ll have to see what they launch with!

  14. Well EQL was down most of 4-10 due to patch/bugs… logged in early am to find my claim gone. Irksome, then irritating once I found that my claim flags had not been restored and it appears the materials were not placed into my inventory. Placed a report, see what happens.

  15. Well claim flags were restored, and the stations thank ghod… in attempting to restore my ‘home’ from template, I’ve found im short 8737 Striped wood…
    and a mere 20408 burled wood… and apparently all they can restore are tier 4 & 5 materials… and it’s a PITA trying to re-align the template. Only crashed 3 times so far. I need a drink. 🙂

    1. Landmark works great with drinking, thankfully =)

      I haven’t been playing and have probably lost my claim anyway – so it was good thing I missed all of that frustration. Yay for beta!

  16. yea, it’s kaput also… 🙂 though you didnt have much construction to re-do.

    Gave up trying to re-build/restore and started a new from scratch, give me something to do while CR/CIG try to figoure when their going to get the dog fight module out and how they’re gonna do it.

  17. Work is interfering with fun =) And its Windstar weekend again, so probably no mining for me. I will be back though =)

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