The Pain and Suffering of EQ (Happy Birthday!)

Makes it memorable for us old MMOers. The dying breed. Consider this story from the EQ boards:

Unrest was and might still be one of my very favorite places in the entire game.  I had SO much fun there back in the day that even when I should have been far, far away I was still in the basement grinding lt.blues because I just didn’t want to leave.  My Rogue became “Uber” for the first time there with his bloodstained mantle, tunic, Dwarven Work Boots and Jagged Band.  I made good friends there, several of whom I keep in touch with to this very day although they haven’t played in years.  It was a true bonding experience.  No PoK or Nexus in those days.  We had to walk all the way from Qeynos to Freeport dodging Giants and Bandits and all manner of Griffs and other nasty things.  We trod through Highpass and then, after racing past the Orcs and Gnolls, we emerged into the dreaded Kithicor,  Everyone died but my rogue who dragged his friends corpses to the commonlands ZL where they looted and we continued on our way.  Then on to Freeport, boats, islands, more boats, into Butcherblock, Dagnor’s Cauldron with more nasty things to dodge and then, at long last, the Estate of Unrest.  Just getting there was epic in and of it’s self.  It took us all friday night after work, and most of saturday and sunday as well.  We bound at the entrance and stayed there.  We started the trek in single digits and emerged as mighty twenty somethings.  To this day the entire journey to and final departure from the Estate of Unrest colors the glass through which I see the game of Everquest.


Most EQ players have those stories. I won’t rehash mine (but parts of it is linked in the post below from the good old days!) but needless to say everyone who recalls what was good about EQ recalls something challenging, unavoidable, or painful – and how they overcame it with friends and/or random strangers. Community of course is the word, and not the same kind we are building these days. And that is also ok, because our sense of community with Facebook and Global connections has also changed. Uphill both ways, so to speak.

I am a terrible boyfriend of EQ. The last time I remembered to wish her Happy Birthday was in 2009. Regardless, she will always love me back as long as I log in. And she doesn’t even want presents anymore, just attention. So once again, on her birthday, and say thank you to how EQ shaped my life (online – and a bit otherwise too) and glad she is still out there being her.

I’ll visit soon.

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