Quote of The Century

I try not to blog about politics (so polarizing!) on a video game blog, but still, this is the best quote EVER and completely encompasses all that is wrong with politics.

“disparaging statements about one’s opponent (whether true, mostly true, mostly not true, or entirely fantastic) are cornerstones of American democracy.”

It gets better, albeit comical (the first part, I assure you, they mean!)

After all, he asks, “where would we be without the knowledge that Democrats are pinko-communist flag-burners…who will steal all the guns and invite the UN to take over America”, while “Republicans [are] assault-weapon-wielding maniacs who believe that George Washington and Jesus Christ incorporated the nation.”

Sadly, it is to quash an Ohio law that prohibits politicians from lying, and of course, people are taking it to court because lying is part of the first amendment.

Too bad none of the constitution worries about the truth.

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