Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To Kill Evil..

.. I started having fun in Diablo three.

There are three clear reasons (ironically!)

1) The 50%+ EXP boost. I gained more levels (in one day) then I did in all my prior hours of play sessions when the game first launched. With a game that scales with levels.. who cares how slow you gain? This meant I received new skills faster and had a nice pace to improving (and having fun).

2) Loot is fixed. The 2.01 patch took away what was arguable the worst inventory management system created for a loot piñata style game. My prior playthroughs I had to constantly return to town to see what was worth keeping from the piles of loot I had (and unified storage). I get it- they MADE it that way so you could sell/buy and do real money transactions. We all know that failed and they removed it, but you could tell when it launched they were gating the thing that made Diablo 1 and 2 awesome in the first place. Finding cool loot. I got a legendary on my first day playing (something I didn’t get in a month of playing when it launched)

3) IT feels better. Things are smoother (always on is still on.. *blargh*) but the game just runs better and it makes for a better gaming experience.

I find it amazing that when games are made with the gamers in mind (instead of monetization) how they instantly become better.


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