3:10 Train to Ledge (Tier 2)

I have a couple of paths I run in my normal “day to day” in EQN: Landmark. There is a sweet, sweet area I found ripe with multiple ores I require for progression, and a hidden forest which is needed for every tool and crafting station (in unfair abundance right now, although they are patching that down as I type this to 60% of current). What is fun about this is seeing other people’s creations coming to life. Land claims are non instances (although specific islands are) so you see things grow in real time.

I have started to leave my outskirts location (there is a centralized teleporter to go to other islands/Tiers) because I have requirements that are in higher tiered areas. Currently in Alpha resources are split on Tier islands based on what level you are creating items for. In the future all resources will be on each island, but for now it is easy to sort out where you need to go.

This makes me have to leave my “neighborhood” and venture to the teleporter. Wow, have things changed! It is like going to your home town after 10 years and learning they got a McDonald’s, Walt-Mart and Target while you were gone.

Where I am going with this : I hope they don’t put in instant travel. If they do, the creating part (which is the main part) will probably be missed in game. Horses? Sure. Just not instantly. Stop and smell the giant castles.

(here’s one randomly I ran across)

and here is how players have changed the landscape. (squint)

I have a house now too! (next post =)

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