In MAY 2009 I wrote a post about Remakes.

In it, I listed my three favorite old games I wish would be remade – this was on the heels of Mike Tyson’s Punchout being relaunched which I bought for the Wii, and played all the way to the champ himself.

This is why it is fun reading your old posts sometimes!

#1 – X-COM – Remade 2012

I *still* haven’t played the remake. I read a lot about it, and want to make the time – I’m sure it’ll go on sale on Steam at some point. Dropped the ball on my favorite game of all time. (To be fair, I did rebuy the original on Steam, but man, its hard to play. That’s a whole separate, future post.)

#2 Star Control 2 – Fan Remade 2012

Haven’t played this either. I am a terrible fan. To be fair, I just googled it to see if anything had been made of SC2 and lo and behold. I’ll be trying this soon. I’m really pumped for it =)

#3 Privateer – Coming soon!

Ok, not *exactly* but Star Citizen can be spiritual successor. 37 Million in “fundraising”? Holy $H^T! Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another rockstar computer CEO shenanigans.

While I have a lot of excitement for these titles, is it also a Hollywood-esque issue that new, creative ideas for blockbuster games are getting thin, and rehashing the greats of old is the way to go?

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  1. I had a weak moment and pledged for a ship late laster year, when they were still talking about the DFM being released in December… Whil I[‘ll give em proprs for throwing various tidbits out there, I still have that “Where’s trhe beef?” feeling on relevant information. …and CR seems to have some, issues in regards to ‘optimistic’ timelines and carrying through with some claims, leaving me with some concerns about feature or scope creep.

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