A Dark Room

What a great little text/flash/ascii game.

There is a lot to do and discover once you get past the idle games part, and I was disappointed one of my discoveries led to the end of the game – I felt I had more to learn and discover but I actually “won” (by accident. I thought I was still discovering…). Playing through again to see if I missed anything.

Sometimes the simplicity is in the delivery, and I am glad www.killtenrats.com shared it.

If you haven’t yet, go play it now.

Since we are on the topic: reminder of Gods Will be Watching for other cool games worth playing =)

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  1. I’m the developer responsible for porting A Dark Room to iOS. Just wanted to say thank you for the kind words 🙂

    Always nice for indie devs to see posts about their game on the web.

  2. Thanks for being part of such a great title – my next play through uncovered every little piece of the map and I felt like the game was much more complete – no questions left to ask =)

    When I took off in the spaceship I was half wondering if I would crash it and have to start all over on a different planet – so many possibilities.

    Was a joy to play =)

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