Guild Wars 2 Offer

40% off offer for me to give to a friend.

I stopped playing GW2 months ago.

Use data! Incent me to come back! For data driven companies (or at bare minimum, data-capable companies) I am not sure how MMOs use their data effectively on subscribers (if at all)). MMOs do a crappy advertising job. I know how companies use consumer data to connect with their customers. It’s really simple, and can be effective.

It’s a waste of an email to give a guy who isn’t guilded and hasn’t logged in in months a 40% off the game offer for someone else. Give me some coins to spend in the store (or something) and I might check it out. I am not going to give a coupon to a friend for a game I don’t even play.


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  1. I think this offer might reflect the fact that they made most of their money so far on box sales, and that those sales have dried up at this point. I wonder what criteria they used to flag people for that offer? Being level 80? Time played?

    And what would be an effective incentive to get players back? I haven’t logged on in ages, but store coins wouldn’t get me back. Then again, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the game, so I might not be the ideal test case.

  2. I think they just did an offer they liked, and sent it to everyone. Nothing wrong with that, but you would think a digital company would be able to categorize and easily segment their existing playerbase. It *could* be a good offer for people who love the game and want to add friends – but its probably useless for a lot of people who received it.

    If I received marketplace currency I would at least log in to check out what I could buy. As someone who has never used the cash shop, that incentive alone might show me the goodies there and I might buy something.

    I’m more curious if they bother to run those metrics in the first place – or even have the capability to begin with?

  3. Heh Hey Mehlan! You know.. I have a post around here showing a picture of us testing new stealth mechanics in DAOC at the Emain Macha gate.. now I want to find it.. Hope all is well! You playing anything anywhere? =)

  4. Not really, poking around some alpha stuff via steam and keeping an eye on some others. Not really ‘playing’ anything though. Got some hopes for Star Citizen, then there’s some other potentially interesting titles.. Banished, The Forest, Stomping Grounds, Planet Explorers & Dayz.

  5. Vaguely recall hearing about it a long while back, havent followed it…and, well the Pendragon thing (and some of mythic’s other actions) didn’t leave me with the warm n fuzzies… I’ll have to peek in on it occasionaly i guess

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